ChandelierEvery home deserves to have an accent piece that brings all other pieces together, and the chandelier can do this. The one chandelier that blends in with any décor is the Wrought Iron Chandelier. This type of chandelier is very sturdy, durable and it stands the test of time through any trend.

What is Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron is a type of iron that is mixed with additives that make it malleable and twistable. In today's market many wrought iron objects are not truly made from wrought iron but from forged steel. Wrought iron is very expensive to produce. A true test of real wrought iron is the weight and the cost.

Uses and Purposes

Wrought iron chandeliers are used to brighten up any large area, like grand ball rooms, large hallways, dining rooms, living rooms and any other type of large open space. A chandelier is put in place to act as a center piece for a large space to bring focus to the center and take the focus away from the open area. A chandelier can add balance to a space or table of any kind.

Choosing a Chandelier

Choosing the right chandelier involves measuring the size of the room and assuring that there is enough space to place a wrought iron chandelier. A chandelier should be at least 4-5 feet away from the walls, and if it is placed above a table it should be hung at least 3 feet above the table. When choosing a chandelier to hang over a table make sure it is not wider than the width of the table. The height and width of a chandelier will give an idea of how much it will cost.

There are two basic styles of wrought iron chandeliers: there is the square or round base with lampshades or shiny crystals. A contemporary look can consist of a square base with lampshade candles. A traditional look can consist of a large base with multi-tiers and very prominent fixtures. Wrought Iron Chandeliers can cost anywhere from $50 to thousands depending on the materials that are added to the wrought iron.


Cleaning Wrought iron chandeliers can be maintained by just taking a soft piece of cloth to gently wipe off the pieces. If there is more cleaning needed a small amount of a gentle detergent mixed with baking soda and water can be used. The chandelier should not be overly cleaned with moisture and allowed to dry naturally to avoid rusting.


Wrought iron chandeliers are great accessories to any home and the cost is very reasonable. There are several beautiful pieces to choose from and the timelessness of these types of chandeliers is phenomenal.