iControl WatchTimex watches are touted as being essential to anyone who partakes in running, riding, swimming, climbing, kicking and throwing, but are Timex runners watches, everything that the advertisers claim them to be? The Timex Ironman Triathlon watch brand has been popular among younger consumers, but it is also successful sporting performers who have taken to the Ironman Triathlon watch and other Timex sporting watches to help guide them through their gruelling training programs and to help them achieve their maximum performance level. Since the release of the timepiece in the early 1980's Timex have become the perfect training tool to help athletes achieve success.

With the multitude of features in most Timex Ironman Triathlon watches, you are able to receive feedback on the condition of your body and so determine which areas you can improve in. While Timex have run major advertising campaigns to promote this to athletes of all levels, it hasn't really taken that much pushing for elite sporting athletes to accept the brand as a powerful tool to assist them in their training pursuits.The Ironman watch is also one of a handful of timepieces that is certified for use by NASA astronauts in zero gravity environments. This makes the Ironman watch one of the best-selling range of sports runners watches both on and off the planet!

So why is the Ironman watch such a universally accepted training tool for the arduous and often lonely journey to peak fitness and performance? One answer might lie in Timex's "cover all bases" approach. Timex have been prepared to push the level of technological innovation since the Ironman was first released. Today, whether you are attempting to shed a few pounds by jogging, or you are a highly tuned athletes who wishes to push her performances to peak levels, there are significant variations within the Ironman watch range that are designed to help you perform any kind of training goal you might have.

For an example, there is a Timex Ironman Triathlon iPod watch, the Timex Ironman iControl that is designed to help stimulate you on the mundane road to fitness, by linking up to the popular iPod or iPhone device and allows you to control your music at the press of a button or a tap of the bezel of the iControl wrist watch. The watch links up to the iPod wirelessly, so you can just simply keep your iPod safely within a ruck sack, or secured to your upper arm with a comfortable strap accessory. The Ironman brand has been used by athletes to further their fitness and performances for over two decades.