For travelers and day-trippers looking to stay on track and get the most out of their journeys, the latest in real-time gps navigation technology makes it affordable to always know where you are and where you're going. Today, we're going to take an in-depth look at the Tom Tom Android VIA 1505 TM units, a compact and convenient 5 inch portable gps navigator you can affix to your dashboard. These units have become very popular with frequent travelers who like to make their itineraries on the fly, as well as for people who don't number their sense of direction amongst their chief strengths. Tom tom android units can give you turn by turn real time directions as you drive, and can also speak them out to you, allowing you to completely focus on the driving task. Best of all, the Tom Tom Android VIA 1505 TM unit comes with a lifetime of free maps and traffic updates to keep your portable navigation device perfectly synced up with the latest road conditions. 


Tom Tom VIA 1505 TM Features 

For savvy shoppers looking for the best android gps navigational system, this Tom Tom Android GPS has a couple of strong features working for it. This navigator is designed to be as simple and hands-free to use as possible, in order to create a safe driving environment as well as to streamline the user's experience. To this end, users familiar with bluetooth functionality will find themselves at home with the VIA 1505. It allows for bluetooth connections with your smartphone, so that you can make and receive hands free calls on the go. Meanwhile, you can issue voice commands to your Tom Tom Android on-board navigator so you never have to take your eyes off the road. 

Smart Navigational Choices

The Tom Tom Android VIA 1505 is equipped with IQ Routes, which is travel software that calculates ideal paths in real time. For example, your android gps navigator can actually determine which streets are choked with traffic, by pulling realtime traffic reports and basing its routing decisions from this data. Although many current on-board navigational systems provide similar functionality, this Tom Tom Android unit has gone a bit above and beyond in terms of refinement. For example, the navigator can also determine which streets are likely to be slow-going due to a high density of traffic signals or frequent pedestrian crossings. Your on board Tom Tom Android will also use this information when calculating your optimal travel path to keep your ride flowing smoothly. 

Tom Tom Android Portable GPS Navigator

Just how good is this overall real-time navigational system? Well, imagine you've plotted out the ideal route to your destination and you're making great time. All of a sudden, there's an accident up ahead, and soon you notice traffic slowing to a crawl. You're stuck. If you were using the Tom Tom Android GPS navigator, you would have received a real-time alert as to the accident. Not only that, but your navigational system would have then re-routed you to avoid the accident-blocked road and related congestion. Pretty slick!

Special Features of Note


This new tom tom android navigator comes standard with what's known as the "Integrated EasyPort mount". This flip-up mounting arm is designed to allow you to affix your gps unit to your windshield or your dashboard, depending on your preference and your vehicle's cabin layout. If you want to secure the android gps device to your windshield, you can use the included adhesive disk. Many users prefer to mount their units on their windshields to achieve an ideal viewing angle from the driver's seat. 

Spoken Directions

When it comes to receiving your driving directions from a computerized navigator, most users complain that the tinny robotic voice becomes irritating after a few hundred miles of repetitive "turn left now" and "continue straight" commands. However, the tom tom android VIA unit takes this technology to a new level, in that it also speaks  the street names in real-time. This makes navigating unknown territory a snap, and eliminates the irritating and potentially confusing situations where a driver doesn't quite trust the judgment of their navigational gps unit. 

Emergency Services Menu

For the worry-prone traveler, this android based tom tom gps unit includes a special menu designed specifically to put you in touch with emergency service providers like fire, police and rescue teams. Best of all, they are auto-populated by local services to make the process of getting help as efficient as possible. 

Extended Range for the Serious Road-Tripper

If you think of the open road as an invitation rather than a challenge, you'll be happy to know that all tom tom android VIA 1505 navigational gps units offer the option of upgrading to premium maps of Canada and Mexico in addition to the United States. Tom Tom also offers a 30 day "Latest Map" guarantee which allows you to obtain the most updated and timely maps possible so you never have to worry about falling behind the times with your tom tom android gps navigator. 

Hidden Gems Made Visible

Do you feel like you miss out on a lot of "hidden gems" during your travels, such as restaurants, parks, scenic overlooks, museums and the like? Your tom tom android unit comes preloaded with over 7 million points of interest that you can scope out during your journey. You can find the best diners, hotels, rest stops and gas stations all from the comfort of your car, and never have to worry about being stuck out in the cold when you're low on gas or food or just need a good night's sleep. This is definitely a creature comfort worth the ticket price of the tom tom android VIA unit. While driving a pre-calculated route, you can even click a point of interest you want to visit to have tom tom re-calculate your path accordingly. You can even have your unit place a call to the hotel as you approach so you can make your reservations. Now you really don't have any excuses for skipping dinner, missing the national parks, or driving while sleepy since your tom tom android gps navigator can handle it all for you.