Many people suffer from allergies, especially during certain seasons.  Some people are so unfortunate that they do not know what causes their allergies.  Knowing what your allergies are, is helpful to get treatments and diagnose the problems.  These are the top 10 allergies in humans.

Young Girl Sneezing From AllergiesCredit: Morgue File
  1. Pets: It is not the animal that you are allergic to, but the dander that comes from them.  Many times people who want a cat or dog but who are highly allergic to them will get a hairless cat because no dander will come off of a hairless cat.  If you do have allergies from cats, you can check out this article called, "How to Relieve Cat Allergies".
  2. Dust: There is a lot of people who are allergic to dust.  This is unfortunate because dust mites live off of the dead skin cells on people and around the house, which means they are always really close to you.  It is helpful if you want to get rid of your allergies to vacuum and dust often.  Be sure to get in the corners of your house and underneath your bed to get rid of all of the dust that is collecting.
  3. Pollen: If you find yourself sneezing, coughing or having a runny nose often in the spring and summer time, you may be allergic to pollen.  Pollen can come from trees in your yard, flowers or even the weeds growing in your vegetable garden.  Since you can never get rid of all the pollen around you, there are over the counter medications to help relieve your symptoms.
  4. Mosquito bites and spider bites: Insects are all around us, especially in the summer time.  People who get bit by a mosquito or a spider and the area swells up, are probably allergic to insect bites.  This is a very common allergy.  People who are severely allergic to insect bites may need an epi pen if they feel that they are having a hard time breathing.
  5. Dairy Products: If you find yourself sick to your stomach every time you eat eggs, drink milk or eat ice cream you are probably lactose intolerant.  This means that you are allergic to dairy products.  There are other options for you such as soy milk.  This is one of the top 10 allergies in humans.
  6. Artificial Fragrances: The reason why many people break out with a rash after they use a certain type of lotion or body wash is because they are allergic to the artificial fragrance that is used in that product.
  7. Peanuts: Many people, especially children have extremely severe peanut allergies.  This is not something to mess around with.  Peanut allergies are very serious and extremely fatal.  Most schools prohibit peanut butter in their schools because the peanut allergies have gotten so bad in humans.
  8. Shellfish: Shellfish is another food that makes the list of the top 10 allergies in humans.  Although many people do not develop a shellfish allergy until they are older, this is something to be aware of because it can be serious.  If you are consuming anything and have an allergy, these allergies can be fatal. 
  9. Latex: Although many doctors and dentist offices have eliminated the use of latex gloves in their office, many people still have latex allergies.  They may experience a rash, difficulty breathing or itchy and watery eyes.
  10. Medicine: This is one of the top 10 allergies that humans have.  One of the most common allergies is amoxicillin, however there are people who are allergic to other medications as well.  It is unfortunate when you have a surgery and are allergic to pain killers.
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