The Top 10 American Serial Killers

The Most Notorious American Serial Killers

The demented nature of the serial killer often captures our attention due to fears.  Serial killers intrigue us because of the shocking nature of their actions.  There have been several serial killers throughout the world that have killed large numbers of innocent people, but the main focus of this article is to list the top 10 American serial killers.  All of these American serial killers have committed very hideous crimes against humanity.  The justification for what makes these notorious serial killers one of the top 10 serial killers in this article, is based upon the number of kills.  This list of the top 10 American serial killers features the American murderers with the largest number of victims.  The order of this list starts with the lowest number of murder victims to the highest number of kills.

John Wayne Gacy

10. John Wayne Gacy - This notorious serial killer is often known as the "killer clown".  He would often dress up like a clown and went after young men.  He would often rape his victims, then bury their dead bodies beneath the crawl space of his home.  John Wayne Gacy was active between 1972 and 1978. and killed a total of 33 people.  He was executed in 1994.

Ted Bundy

9. Ted Bundy - The serial killer Ted Bundy was infamous for escaping jail twice.  He would mainly prey on white women between the ages of 15 and 25.  He would decapitate his victims and stick their heads in a freezer in his house.  His total number of murders is estimated to be around 35, and he was an active American serial killer between the years of 1974 and 1978.  He was executed in 1989.


8. Donald Harvey - This American serial killer worked as an orderly in hospitals and would kill several patients.  He calls himself "The Angel of Death" and is currently serving three life sentences for the deaths of 36 people.  

Donald Harvey


7. The Zodiac Killer - The Zodiac Killer has still not been captured, and it is unclear who the actual identity of the killer is.  He would send several taunting letters to the press concerning his murders and how he still hadn't been captured.  The Zodiac Killer is one of the top 10 American Serial Killers for his crimes that took place between 1962 and 1977, reaching a total of 37 murders.

The Zodiac


6. Henry Lee Lucas - The top American serial killer Henry Lucas once claimed that he killed over 600 people, but then dropped his confession by stating that he wasn't a serial killer.  40 murders have been linked to this serial killer who died in custody in 2001.  Henry Lee Lucas was an active serial killer from 1960 to 1983.

Henry Lee Lucas

5. Belle Gunness - This woman serial killer would often kill her boyfriends or husbands in order to reap life insurance benefits from them.  She also killed several of her children.  Though the official number of murders is listed at 40, she may have killed up to 60 different people.  This brutal killer was active between 1900 and 1908. She was reported to have faked her death and was witnessed as being alive in 1931.

Belle Gunness

4. Richard Kuklinski - This American serial killer known as the "Iceman" was involved in an infamous Newark crime family.  He killed his victims in a number of different ways, ranging from guns to poison.  He was active between 1948 and 1986 and killed between 50 and 200 different people.  He was convicted of his crimes in 1988 and died in 2006.

Richard Kuklinski David Parker Ray

3. David Parker Ray - This top 10 American serial killer killed an estimated amount of 60 victims, mainly sticking to women.  He constructed a $100,000 torture chamber that he named his "toy box" in which he would murder his victims in.  He was active between 1950 and 1999.  He was sentenced to 223 years in prison, however died after only serving 8 months.

2. Donald Henry Gaskins - This notorious top 10 American serial killer was notable for his large number of confirmed kills (80) and the fact that he mainly killed children.  He was nicknamed the "Meanest Man In America" and was active in his murdering between 1953 and 1982.  He was executed in 1991.  

Donald Henry

1. Gary Ridgway - Gary Ridgway is the most notorious killer on this list of the top 10 American serial killers.  He is suspected of killing over 90 different people, most of them being escorts he picked up from around the Seattle area that he would strangle and toss into a river.  He was active between 1982 and 2000 and is currently incarcerated and serving a life prison sentence without the possibility of parole.


Gary Ridgway