A book will be considered great due to varying reasons. Moreover, different people might choose different books as great books of 2011 because of their varying preferences and likes. However, some of the factors that could point to the greatness of a book are the style of writing and the copies sold within a given period.  Here are some books that you might like.

  1. The Night Circus – The Author of the book is Erin Morgenstern and the publisher is Doubleday. The book revolves around two characters but it is a true work of fiction. The characters find themselves in unlikely circumstances due to magic although they are not aware of it. However, they turn their misfortunes around in a competition. 
  2. State of Wonder – First, this book is one of the great books of 2011 because it is written by Ann Patchett who has cut a niche for herself and it is published by Harper. Secondly, it has a very natural plot in its story. The book narrates the story of a doctor who leaves his comfortable office to look for his friend in a Brazilian desert.
  3. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – This is a book written by Ransom Riggs and published by Quirk books. If you like, work of fiction with a touch of horror in it then this is definitely top of list for the great books of 2011. The book even has photographs of some horrifying creatures that add more character to the book.
  4. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother – This is a book written by Amy Chua and published by Penguin Group. It is a story of the extents to which Chinese mothers push their children while they grown unlike the case with the western parents. In addition, the book is told with a comic touch within short chapters.
  5. The Garden of Beasts – This is an obvious one of the great books of 2011, which is written by Erik Larson and published by Crown. It has the element of history in it as it portrays the rehabilitation of Germany after the First World War.
  6. Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness – The author of this book is Alexandra Fuller while the publisher is Penguin. Fuller gives a feeling of the challenging life in Central Africa in this book.
  7. Iron house – This is a book whose plot revolves around the difficulties of quitting professional killing and is written by John Hart whose reputation in crime books precedes him . The book is published by Thomas Dunne Books.
  8. A Discovery of Witches – The author of this great book is Deborah Harkness while the publisher is Viking. The book has twists in the plot as the characters are developed and the suspense is amazing.
  9. If Jack’s in Love - This is a novel written by Stephen Wetta and published by Amy Einhorn Books. The book is great because it is a first one for the author and hence he has invested all his ability and time in it. It is a humorous love story.
  10. Moonwalking With Einstein – This is a book that gives an overview of the functionality of the brain and memory without giving too many details. It is written by Joshua Foer and published by Penguin Press.

If you have not had the opportunity to read some of these books then you should try them during these holidays.

The Top 10 Books of 2011
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