Christmas isn't just for kids, adults look forward to seeing what their friends, family, and children get them also. It doesn't matter how old you are, there is just something special about finding a present under the tree with your name on it and knowing someone put a lot of thought and effort into finding something you might enjoy.

Kids Crafts

The days when your child made an ashtray every year for Christmas are gone and a lot of schools don't really acknowledge Christmas any more. Instead of trees and Santa's, you are more likely to get something else that is just as cool and your child worked very hard on. Hat racks are a common item for older kids to make and give to Dad that are functional as well as nice to look at. Younger kids often make things out of clay, decorate and paint some construction paper, or even build little houses with their class. These are great gifts that hold a lot of memories over time. Make sure to put the date somewhere on the bottom as men can forget when they got some gifts.

Fishing Equipment

Even if the man you know isn't much of a fisherman, some fishing equipment is always a welcome gift. For fisherman, a nice tackle box, some assorted flies or lures, or even some comfortable T-shirts with a fishing theme is a great way to go unless they are expecting something specific. If it's a specific piece of hardware, make sure to write down everything you can before you get it. You don't want to buy a saltwater reel for your fly fishing Grandfather. For non-fisherman, you can get some cool things like pocket sized fishing poles or ones that cast with a push of the button. This can help give someone a brand new hobby they've never tried before.

Gift Cards

When you ask a man what he wants for Christmas you'll probably get an "I don't know". The best way to handle this is to simply get a gift card for a large store like Wal-Mart that has a huge selection of items so he can pick it out himself. Be careful about the nice guys, they may say they don't know… maybe they don't but you will pick something out of conversation from them that they DO want.

Electric Razors

Remember a couple years ago when you got your husband that $60 electric razor? Chances are he's still using it and it's not as sharp as it used to be. A new one is always a welcome gift even if they don't use electric razors. They are very convenient and even die hard straight razor lovers will make the switch once they try some of the newer models.

Electronic Equipment

Most men absolutely love new electronics. Phones, stereos, MP3 players, Blu-Ray players (DVD's are going out of style), TV's, and anything that goes with the electronics they already own. If you see a man always complaining about his phone falling out of his pants, consider a phone case or belt clip. Any type of upgrade is always welcome also. Still see an old stereo sitting around with a cassette deck? It's definitely time to get a CD player or one that plays MP3's off of an SD card or directly from and MP3 player.

Video Games

Men love games. Younger men almost always have a video game system or two in their homes. If your husband or adult child is usually in front of some games for a few hours each day, take the time to know what they are playing and what their tastes are. If you buy a football game for a strategy enthusiast, they won't be terribly excited and if you get a brand new Wii game for someone who only owns a Playstation 3, that won't work well either. Figure out what they have, what they want, and what accessories (like an extra controller) they need. If you don't want to deal with games and accessories, try a game card. The Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and the Sony Playstation all have their own game cards available that you can use to download games and media with.


All men are more than happy to receive a card full of cash in lieu of any type of large gifts. This lets them do anything they want with the money. Just make sure you are not going to get upset if they run out and blow it all on something you think is stupid. They might think it's great, so just go with it.

Sporting Goods

Sporting goods covers a huge range of items from golf stuff to exercise equipment to tents. In some areas, this includes hunting gear as well. If the man you are shopping for has one particular interest such as camping, there is all kinds of very cool stuff in that section. You want to make sure you know what they already have so you can simply ask or try to keep track throughout the year. Was your last camping trip a miserable time with a leaky tent and broken stove? There are two gifts that will keep on giving time and time again.


If you live near any type of stadium, Movie Theater, or concert hall, tickets are a great gift. It doesn't have to be something super expensive like season tickets on the 50 yard line for your local NFL team, it could be some concert tickets for when his favorite band is in town, even tickets to some WWE wrestling event (He will go).

Unique and Crazy Gifts

All men love strange gadgets and items that women will think are just plain stupid. Some good examples are the beer holster, the beer gift basket, and the magnetic wristband (hold nails and screws). Unique gifts can become a cool thing that men will show off to all their friends any chance they get. There are many sites out there that have some of the strangest things you can imagine but odds are the man you are shopping for will love them.