PrincessCredit: Morgue File

1.  Tangled: Although this is a newer release, it definitely makes the list.  Who knew a Princess with magical hair could make a movie so interesting?  Rapunzel is a long lost Princess who just wants to know what the glowing lights are all about.  With the help from her friend she is able to meet her real parents, who have also been looking for her for a long time.

2.  The Little Mermaid: Ariel is a mermaid who wants to know more about the humans that walk on the earth.  She gives her voice to a mean mermaid named Ursula in exchange for some feet and the ability to walk on land for one day.  In the day she must get the man she likes to kiss her and fall in love.

3.  Pocahontas: Pocahontas is a Native American who is curious about the settlers that have walked upon their land.  The men want to make a town out of the Native Americans’ land.  Pocahontas falls in love with one of the settlers and convinces them to let their land be.

4.  Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs: Snow White is one of the top 10 Disney movies of all time.  Snow White’s evil stepmother puts a spell on Snow White because she is jealous of Snow White’s natural beauty.  This princess escapes to the forest where she lives with seven dwarfs, each one of them who has their own personality.

5.  Beauty and The Beast: This is a magical story about a young girl who is kidnapped and thrown in a castle to live with a beast.  After getting to know the beast, the young girl realizes that he is very gentle and there is nothing to be afraid of.  They end up falling in love with each other and Belle because the Princess and the beast turns into the Prince that he once was.

6.  Aladdin: This movie is about a Princess named Jasmine and a homeless man named Aladdin, the two end up falling in love.  This never would have happened if it wasn’t for the Genie’s magic powers.

 7.  Sleeping Beauty: Aurora is the Princess who stars in this lovely Disney movie.  A mean fairy casts a spell on Aurora that only her prince charming can break.  With just the kiss from a prince, and the help of three good fairies, the spell is broken and Princess Aurora is free.

8.  Mulan: This Princess fools everyone by helping her dad avoid death by carefully taking his place in the army.  Everyone is shocked at this Princess’ tasks and Mulan becomes the hero of the town.  This is a Disney princess movie that you won’t want to miss.

9.  Brave: This is another new release by Disney, which was just released in 2012.  In this movie, Merida’s mother tries everything in her power to keep her a Princess in the kingdom.  Merida would rather be out fighting her own battles and going on adventures than dressing up.  After a curse gets set on Princess Merida’s mother, it is up to Merida to save her with the skills she has acquired on her own.

10.  The Princess and the Frog: Princess Tiana stars in this Disney princess movie.  When Tiana finds a frog Prince, it is up to her to kiss him to become a human again.  Find out what happens in this terrific Disney princess movie.

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