GraduationCredit: Morgue FileGraduation is an exciting time for those who have worked hard in their college years to get to where they are.  Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment that the graduate is likely to be very proud of.  Getting them the perfect gift is a kind gesture.


1.  Money

It is likely that the graduate probably has numerous loans to pay back from attending college.  They would greatly appreciate money to help them back back their loans.  Money is a great gift instead of a gift cards because they can use the cash for anything they wish.  Gift cads, (unless it is a prepaid visa gift card) are limited on where you can use them.


2.  eReader

Any college graduate will appreciate an eReader.  Whether it is a Kindle, an iPad or any off brand eReader, this is a gift that they will love.  Instead of carrying all of your paper books with you, this type of reader is very convenient for many people.


3.  Digital Camera

Now that your graduate is off in the real world, they will likely see things that they haven’t seen before.  Whether they are moving out of state for a job or simply experiencing some neat things, a digital camera is a great idea.


4.  Keurig Coffee Maker

As they get ready to experience the real world of getting up early for their job, it may be hard without some caffeine in their system.  Sure a regular coffee maker would work, but a Keurig does the job in very little time.


5.  Netflix or Redbox Membeship

A 6 month membership to either Netflix or Redbox is only $48.  This is very affordable and your college graduate will definitely appreciate it.  Sure they are probably busy with their new job, but everyone needs some time to kick back after work and watch a movie every so often.  Both Netflix and Redbox memberships are only $8 per month.  This is a great deal.


6.  First Aid Kit

It is amazing how many people do not have these in their car.  Of course, when you actually need them it is too late.  Gifting a college graduate a first aid kit is a very generous idea.  First aid kits can be very useful.


 7.  Mushroom Green Zero Wall Charger

This wall charger is amazing.  When you plug in your phone, iPod or computer, it will shut off once it is done charger.  This is very economical as you won’t need to waste unused energy.


8. Portable Grill

While living in the dorms, the students are unable to grill out.  Buying them a portable grill may be just what they want.  This is a great opportunity for them to invite friends over and grill out in their backyard.


9.  Home Delivery Food

Whether it is Schwans Frozen Food or another home delivery service, having delicious food that you can make in a jiffy delivered to their door makes a great graduation gift.  While they are out looking for jobs, they may not have time to cook a homemade meal from scratch.


10.  iPod Speakers

Whether you own an iPod, iPhone or another MP3 player, having speakers to play your music is essential.  This makes a great gift for any graduate.