Waterparks are something that we as a society love to do. When the summer temperature is high there is no better way of cooling off and getting an adrenaline rush then visiting a water-park. Some waterparks are more intimidating than others with steeper, scarier, and faster waterslides. Here are the top 10 most rated waterparks in the United States according to the final 2009 stats[1].

10. Splish-Splash- Riverhead, N.Y.

The Splish-Splash waterpark in Riverhead, New York is very popular waterpark. As with all popular waterparks the Splish-Splash waterpark offers a lot of variation. From slow rolling relaxing rides to the wild 8 story freefall body slide. In 2009 Splish-Splash waterpark in Riverhead had 495,000 visitors! That is almost a ½ a million people in a single year. Waterparks are so popular that you have to get  a ½ million visitors in a single year to even crack the top 10 list.

9. Hyland Hills Water World-Denver, Colorado

In 2009 Water World, Colorado had 515,000 visitors. Each year the park gets more advanced water rides. For the 2013 season Water World will have over 50 different rides. It is amazing that Water parks in places such as Colorado get so many visitors because they can only be open for part of the year. If Hyland Hills Water World was located in a warmer climate then it could easily be one of the top 3 most visited waterparks in the United States.

8. Schlitterbahn- Galveston, Texas

The Schlitterbahn in Galveston, TX had 530,000 visitors in 2009.  Schlitterbahn is popular with families because you can let the kids hit the wild rides while you lounge on one of the beaches relaxing. There are rides for people of all different ages. Schlitterbahn is definitely one of the top family attractions in the Galveston area. Schlitterbahn is truly a family friendly waterpark.

7. Adventure Island- Tampa, Fla.

Adventure Island had 600,000 visitors in 2009. Anytime you can claim 600,000 visitors then you are probably going to have a very successful business. Adventure Island is definitely a successful business. One of the wildest rides is the Water Moccasin. It is not truly a wild ride compared to many others but it is exciting. One of the features of the Water Moccasin ride is that you never know which tube you will end up in when you are delivered from it into the pool.

6. Water Country USA- Williamsburg, VA

Water Country USA in historic Williamsburg, Virginia has over 700,000 visitors.  The highlight of Water Country USA is Vanish Point. You need to have a set of brass balls to brave this wild ride.

5. Schlitterbahn (900,000), New Braunfels, Texas

Not be outdone by their sister waterpark in Galveston the Schlitterbahn waterpark in New Braunfels, Texas attracted 900,000 visitors in 2009.

4. Wet’n Wild- Orlando, Fla.

The Wet’n Wild in Orlando, Florida has a huge following of loyal customers. These loyal customers come for the abundance of multi-person rides, the solo water rides, and to lounge around. In 2009 the Wet’n Wild in Orlando was able to net 1,235,000 visitors!

3. Aquatica- Orlando, Fla.

Aquatica is able to get so many visitors (1,600,000 in 2009) because they are located where the waterpark season is much longer then the waterparks in other States such as Colorado. Aquatica also is owned by Sea World and is awesome at marketing the park to their customers. The variety of rides, the always changing new rides, and the great service makes Aquatica waterpark in Orlando the third most visited waterpark in the United States.

2. Blizzard Beach- Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

If you notice the top 4 most visited waterparks in the US are all located in Orlando. If you are a fan of waterparks then you need to spend some time in Orlando. Blizzard Beach is one of the 2 waterparks at Walt Disney World.

Blizzard Beach has a cool theme. The water-park is a “former ski resort” and all the snow melted so it is now a wonderful waterpark. The park is now closed until March 16th, 2013. The Blizzard water-park is undergoing extensive renovations and remodeling. Although the Blizzard Beach water-park will be closed for part of the season it should be able to attract more than enough visitors in 2013 to allow it to easily stay within the top 2 of the most visited waterparks in the United States. In 2009 Blizzard Beach had 1,891,000 visitors.

1. Typhoon Lagoon (2,059,000), Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Typhoon Lagoon is the most visited park in the United States. Typhoon Lagoon may be the most extensive park in the US with the most amount of different activities. It has all of the regular thrill rides and casual rides but Typhoon Lagoon also has many other activities including organized snorkeling.

Typhoon Lagoon is the one waterpark that definitely has something for everybody regardless of their interests. In 2009 Typhoon Lagoon was able to get 2,059,000 visitors. It sure does help that Typhoon Lagoon is part of Walt Disney World but even if Typhoon Lagoon was a separate entity it would still be insanely popular.

Regardless of which theme park or waterpark you visit you are going ot have fun. With that said though some theme parks are much more fun than other theme parks. This list of the 10 most visited waterparks in the USA will give you a good idea of which waterparks are the most visited. Just becuase a waterpark may not have made this list does not mean it is nto worth your time to spend a day or 2 there.

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