Society 6 is a great website for all kinds of artists striving to sell their artwork without all of the hassle. This website is filled with thousands of artists from all around the world. Society 6 uses the highest quality materials to print artwork on, and they ship to whoever buys all around the world! This website takes a lot of stress off of the artists hands so they can just sit back and create amazing quality art work. With the amount of artwork and the diversity of each individual on the site, you as an artist are bound to be inspired to create, or as a buyer you might just find something you cannot pass up purchasing!

If that doesn't inspire you to join the Society 6 member team, maybe these top 10 reasons will change your mind!

1. Find Great Artists:

With the thousands of artists on Society6, you're bound to find many great artists that inspire you and the best part is, you can actually communicate with them too! It's simple, Society6 is just like a blog, you can comment on their posts and even what they're selling, and vise versa. All of which helps promote the pieces and heightens the chances of them being sold!

2. Make Your Own Profit:

That's right! Just because Society6 does all the dirty work for you, doesn't mean that you shouldn't get a pretty penny for your artistic abilities. Society6 allows you to choose your profit earnings, on the Fine Art Prints and Gallery Prints, which both vary in size. With their t-shirts, iPhone cases/skins, and laptop skins they set the profit for you, but they are still very generous with your earnings.

3. Hassle Free Worldwide Shipping and Printing:

Society6's best attribute in my book is the fact that they do ALL of the shipping and printing for you! All that you as the artist has to do is create, sit back, and await for the earnings to commence.

4. Promote Your Work (and others):

Think about it, how does artwork become popular? With Society6 there is a Promote button with each and every piece of artwork published. The more you promote other, the more friends you will make and they will end up Promoting your piece too! After you receive 10 Promotions on Society6 you get an e-mail notification that states your Art Print has just been added to the Society6 Shop! Not that your work wasn't available for purchasing before hand, but it adds your piece onto the Shop pages, which enables it to be found randomly or by page! Not just through the search engine and other artists.

 5. Collaborations:

Society6 collaborates with many well known names from EA to VANS, and they produce these things called Zines. They post the theme/title of the Limited Edition Zine and allow Society6 members to have the chance and be apart of these with many other great artists. These aren't just limited to Zines, there have been Group Shows, Signature T-shirt's made and more! You'll just have to check out all the possibilities yourself, but hurry! This only takes place every two months or so!

6. Threadless Tee's!?:

Society6 teamed up with Threadless founder Jake Nickell and now they have their own section on Society6's website (also another great place to submit your work for great competition and a chance to have your work chosen to be printed on t-shirt and more!) These are two great networks to be apart of, especially since they coincide with each other. Check it out!

7. iPhone Cases, Laptop skins and Hoodies! Oh My!:

Another great thing Society6 offers is their wide variety of products. You've got Framed Art, Stretched Canvases, iPhone Cases, Laptop & iPad Skins, iPhone & iPod Skins, Hoodies, T-shirts, and Gift Cards! So start your search for the holidays or a special occasion for that artistic person in your life, or even just yourself! There's so many great creations to choose from with a variety of items to have them printed on.

8. Society6 Helps Promote Your Work:

In short, Society 6 helps promote your artwork through its very own Publisher Network. Brining in many high regarded art website and blogs to join in with the artists of Society6. So while you're helping promote other and other's are also promoting you, Society6 is making sure that work makes it's way up to the top!

9. JOIN, or DIE Blog:

You can keep up with all of the latest hype going on at Society6 with their Studio Blog. They announce all types of things that can be very helpful while preparing to sell you work, from seasonal tips and the best ways to price. Go on and have a browse!

10. High Quality Products:

The most concerning question with site's like these is the finished products quality. Never to worry here though, Society6 takes it into their hands to produce everything. This is just some big warehouse with thousands of employees quickly getting through orders. Society6 produces the products when you order them, on-demand! They even took the time to show the process of how they produce a Stretched Canvas piece, check it out! You wont be disappointed.

I hope these 10 reasons to join Society 6 prove useful to you. If you are an aspiring artist in need of some extra money and exposure, then this is certainly a great website for you. Be sure to check out my other article titled How Do Society 6 Members Make Money from Home Online? here on InfoBarrel for more information on making money with Society 6.