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There are so many glorious eating experiences to be had in New York City that it is honestly very difficult to choose the top restaurants in New York without wanting to change and reorder the choices time after time.  Eating at some of the world’s best restaurants is one of the most interesting things to do in NYC.  Restaurants in the city can range from the ubiquitous and wonderful New York pizza joints to five star restaurants run by famous chefs.  When dining at even the best places to eat in New York always remember to check the internet for a special deal, a voucher, a bargain seating time or some other money saving offer.  These restaurants in NYC are among the best in the city:

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1. Le Bernardin is a French seafood with a prix fixe only menu of extraordinary quality.  The meals have been described as dazzling and impeccable.  Extremely pricy for lunch or dinner but perhaps one of the best meals a diner can ever hope to be served.

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2. Blue Smoke is a barbeque joint with all of the flavor one expects from that style of food.  With great sides, more than ample servings, and some truly special entrees like smoked lamb shoulder, this is a place that should not be missed and is definitely deserved of a spot in any list of the top restaurants in NYC.

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3. Lever House Restaurant is almost synonymous with the power lunch in NYC.  The service is professional and personable without being overbearing.  The food is amazing.  The ambience is perfect for the quintessential business lunch.

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4. Il Laboratorio Del Gelato is more of a desert place than a full service restaurant, but it is a not to be missed foodie treat in this great city. An array of some 100 frozen treats is all handmade and the choices change daily.  Flavors vary and are often seasonal.  No one should miss this very special place.

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5. The 2nd Avenue Deli is a mainstay in the city that never sleeps.  It has most definitely earned its billing as one of the top restaurants in NYC.  Hearty is hardly even the word to describe the sandwiches, the fries are crisp, and the knishes are golden and delicious. One should probably only visit this real deal NYC deli with an empty stomach and a friend for sharing.

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6. Daisy May’s Chili Cart is a NYC institution.  Yes, a food cart is among the best places in the city to eat, especially if hand cut chuck and fresh chilies stewed into a luscious meal are on your agenda.  Fresh, warm and stick to your ribs, and reasonably priced, this is one of the top restaurants in NYC, even if there are no tables or chairs to be had.

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7. The Strip House is among the best steak houses in the city.  This is a top tier establishment.  The best cuts of steak, goose-fat-fried potatoes, and spinach in truffle cream will make you a true believer.

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8. Red Rooster Harlem is television chef Marcus Samuelsson’s brilliant restaurant.  It is by far one of the top restaurants in NYC.  With its menu full of foods that fit the neighborhood, done in their very best possible incarnation, this is a place not to be missed.  A bit pricier than some of the other choices here, this place is worth every penny.

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9. Babbo offers Italian cuisine that is worthy of any of the top restaurants in NYC.  The food is sublimely delicious.  The fine wines, the incredible menu, the incredible service, the chatty but exciting atmosphere, and the mix of extravagant and fairly priced menu items makes this an intriguing choice for a fantastic meal.

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10. Florent is a cross between a French Diner and a wonderful Parisian coffeehouse.  Open all night, great food, =great prices, awesome atmosphere, fun, fresh and quirky, this bistro is so exciting, the food is so delicious and reasonable that it is on the fast track to becoming a true NYC institution.

Whether it is the finest of fine dining, or hearty fair that is filling, delicious and affordable the top restaurants in NYC are sure to deliver fantastic fair and with a little luck and a good internet search perhaps even an extra special deal or voucher will make it an even more affordable experience.