Many people opt to pay the extra money for the extended cab when buying a vehicle; however, there are literally thousands of things that you can fit into the bed lengths of small pick up trucks. This article has no intentions of listing all of the objects that you can fit into the back of your truck; but rather, it will be listing and describing the top 10 common (and funny) things that will fit into the bed of a smaller pickup truck.

It should be known that the most common bed lengths of small pick up trucks are between 4.5 and 5.5 feet; therefore, this article will be listing the top 10 things based on the idea that the bed is 5 feet long, 3.5 feet wide, and 2 feet tall.

10. An ATV Will Fit Into The Bed Lengths Of Small Pick Up Trucks

There are plenty of people that own ATVs but do not have cottages to store them in. A pickup truck is literally the perfect solution for those individuals because it provides them with a way to transport their ATVs from being stored in their garage to being used on the trails! All that you need in order to safely secure ATVs to the bed lengths of small pick up trucks is a set of straps from your local hardware store.

9. A Tri-Folding Multi-Purpose Ladder

These multi-purpose ladders are growing in popularity because they can be used in 4 different configurations: scaffold, short height ladder, medium height ladder, and tall height ladder. The greatest thing about these tri-folding ladders is that they can be folded in a small enough manner to easily fit into the smallest of pickup truck beds! Once folded, you can place the ladder into the bed of your truck, and bring it to the job site.

8. A Loveseat Couch Will Fit Perfectly Into The Bed Lengths Of Small Pick Up Trucks

You will not be able to fit a full L –shaped couch in the back of the biggest pickup trucks; however, you will definitely not have a problem fitting a regular sized loveseat couch into the crew sized bed that you have on your truck. The one thing that I would recommend is placing a tarpaulin over the top of the couch so that it doesn’t get damaged by rain or sun. Even if it’s only a short trip, be sure to cover the bed of your pick up truck in order to protect the furniture.

7. A Full Size Dirt Bike

The easiest way to transport a dirt bike somewhere is to simply ride it from point A to point B; however, that may be a problem when someone does not have insurance or there is an engine problem. Placing dirt bikes in the bed lengths of small pick up trucks is the second best bet when it comes to transporting them. Simply use a set of straps (like the ones that are used to strap an ATV in) to secure the dirt bike to the pickup truck bed, and you’re good to go!

6. A Big Screen Television

There isn’t a more priceless moment than waiting in line for hours on Boxing Day or Black Friday to buy a big screen television; moreover, not having the proper vehicle to transport the television home ruins the priceless moment! Most televisions will fit into the bed lengths of small pick up trucks in one way or another. Widescreen televisions tend to fit when laid down on their back, projector televisions tend to fit when stood right-side up, and almost all other televisions will fit into the pickup truck either of the two ways.

5. At Least 30 Cubic Feet Of Dirt, Manure, Or Gravel

Whether you are redoing your driveway or garden, transporting a heap of manure, gravel, or dirt can be a daunting task! You might have to make 4-5 trips to the store if you are trying to use the trunk of your car. However, you can fit at least 30 cubic feet of these materials in any of the bed lengths of small pick up trucks! Most of the time, 30 cubic feet is enough for the whole project that you are working on.

4. Most Pianos

I personally have a Baby Grand piano in my house, and I can tell you that there is no way that it would fit into the back of any pickup truck. However, the majority of pianos do not have as large of a backing as the Baby Grand model, and will definitely fit into the bed of a truck! Once again, I would be sure to use a set of straps to secure it to the bed!

3. Sheets Of Wood And Building Materials

Most sheets of wood will not completely fit into the bed lengths of small pick up trucks because many of the sheets would likely be longer than 5 feet. However, you can easily leave the door of the truck bed down, and allow the sheets of wood to hang out from the back. The only thing that I would recommend is tying a colourful ribbon to the end of the wood so that the driver behind you know when to brake.

2. Enough Tools And Machines To Support An Entire Job Site

The duties of many foremen include bringing the major tools and machines to the job site every morning; each employee is usually only required to bring their own hand tools to use. My uncle is a foreman with a very small bed on his pickup truck, and he will attest to the fact that he can fit all of the machinery and tools in it!

1......A Buffalo! (The Animal)

I have placed this at the top of the list of the things that you can fit into the bed lengths of small pick up trucks because I found it to be very funny! I was watching a television show entitled Fatal Attractions, and saw a man that had removed the top of his car in order to accommodate driving his pet buffalo around. After some research, I found out that Buffalos are usually about 5 feet long, which makes them the perfect candidate for fitting into the bed of a small pickup truck!