You Can Be A Poker Shark

Looking for ways to step up your poker game? Check out the 10 tips we have to increase your winnings. The majority of these tips are for players new to the game, but it never hurts for the pro’s to review the basics every once and a while.


#1: Learn One Poker Game Inside and Out To Start

One way that players end up burning out or losing all their cash is by spreading themselves too thin. By picking one type of poker to start with, you can build a solid foundation that will help you master other types later. Free online poker games are a great place to start. There are plenty of new players, and you won’t lose any cash while honing your skills for the big leagues.


#2: Don’t Get Involved In Every Hand

One of the biggest mistakes new online poker players make is playing too many hands. Most people are overly excited to be a part of the action. Choose which hands you play carefully and watch your winnings go up.


#3: Don’t Play Beyond Your Bankroll

 The general rule of thumb is to play a game where you can deposit 100 times the big bet. If you are playing $1/$2 limit holdem for example, you will need $200 to start. Every poker player will have ups and downs, and you need the bankroll to survive them.


#4: Never Play While Drinking

Anytime you are playing for money, you need to stay sharp. Even a few drinks can cause your play to decline. If you are playing for fun with your buddies, go ahead. When money is on the line, stay away from the booze.


#5: Have Patience

Even though playing on online poker sites is much faster than offline, people still tend to get bored. One way to get over the boredom is to play multiple tables.


#6: Avoid Bluffing For No Reason

Bluffing is only useful in certain kinds of situations. If a player seems to never miss a showdown, you have no chance to bluff them. Pick your bluffs.


#7: Take a Break When You Need Too 

If you just lost a big pot when the odds were in your favor, taking a break is a good idea. It is too easy to play badly for several hands after a loss like that.


#8: Know When to Give Up a Hand

Even if you already have cash in the pot, you have to know when to holdem and know when to foldem.


#9: Keep Track Of Your Hands

You need to know if you are a winning player or not. Using poker software is a great way to keep track of each hand you played.


#10: Watch What the Other Players Do

Keep an eye on your opponents. This applies even when you aren’t playing a hand yourself. Knowing when your opponents tend to bluff, raise, and fold in certain positions can be poker gold.