Victoria, British Columbia, is known as the “City of Gardens.” Its temperate climate and abundance of sunshine allows flora to flourish. While other parts of the country are cloaked in snow, Victoria BC gardens are bloom with daffodils, crocuses and cherry blossoms. One of the city’s most recognizable trademarks is its hanging baskets, with over 1,600 hung each year. And every spring, residents bring attention to their wonderful climate by counting flower blossoms. The city’s gardens range from natural habits to tropical paradises to private Victoria BC bed and breakfast displays. Millions of tourists visit Victoria each year to admire the beautiful city. Here’s a list of the top 10 Victoria BC Gardens:

Fairholme Manor

Guests at Fairholme Manor, a
Victoria BC bed and breakfast, can enjoy the park-like property and private gardens. Fairholme’s suites provide views of the picturesque Victoria BC gardens, with stunning florals set against a mountain and ocean backdrop. Some of the greenery includes a vegetable and herb garden, which are harvested for the B & B’s famous breakfasts.

Government House

government housoe

Government House is situated next door to Fairholme Manor, in the historic Rocklands district. It’s the official resi
dence of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia it is also home to stunning Victoria BC gardens that are open to the public daily. The 36 acre property includes 22 acres of a rare Garry Oak ecosystemand 14 acres of formal gardens, including heather, herb, lily, rhododendron and English country gardens.

Glendale Gardens and Woodland


Glendale is a 103 acre conservation park with second-growth Douglas firs, wetlands and 10 acres of beautiful growth with over 10,000 varieties of plants. The gardens are divided into 34 areas that are designed to demonstrate suitable landscape techniques for the Pacific Northwest. Some examples of gardens include lily, winter, fuchsia, Mediterranean and vegetable and fruit gardens.

Hatley Gardens


Hatley Park, an Edwardian-era estate now owned by Royal Roads University, is a National Historic Site. The gardens were developed in 1912 and contain three showcase areas: Japanese, Italian and Rose. It is a popular place for wedding ceremonies and photography, but it is also open to the public.

Abkhazi Gardens


This is Victoria’s hidden gem. Tucked away from the street, the gardens embrace Victoria’s unique natural landscape. You enter this magnificent place through a winding woodland path under giant rhododendrons (some over 50 years old). Once inside, you will find native Garry oaks, Japanese maples and a groundcover of naturalized bulbs.

Finnerty Gardens


Canada’s best collection of rhododendrons is found in Finnerty, on the southwestcorner of the University of Victoria campus. Along with the 200 rhododendron species, the it features 4,000 different trees and shrubs, a large range of companion plants, tranquil ponds, winding paths and a dozen benches. The gardens are open to the public every day, free of charge.

Butterfly Gardens

butterfly gardens

The Butterfly Gardens showcase free-flying tropical butterflies and moths, but it is also a complete tropical experience with a variety of warm, aromatic and tropic plants. The carefully balanced ecosystem includes over 200 species of orchids, carnivorous plants and an assortment of bushes, vines, creepers and trees.

Butchart Gardens


Open year-round, the world-famous Butchart Gardens offers 22 hectares of floral displays. It was created in 1904 and still retains much of the original design. Today, it features over 1 million blooms and attracts just as many visitors each year.

Beacon Hill Park

beacon hill

Beacon Hill Park is often considered the “Crowning Jewel” of Victoria’s park system. It has belonged to Victoria since 1882 and offers outstanding views in every season. Enjoy wildflower meadows, manicured flowerbeds, enormous trees and graceful stone bridges.

Point Ellice House

point ellice

Point Ellice House, a National Historic Site, is located on Victoria’s beautiful Gorge waterway. It’s home to one of North America’s largest collections of Victoriana, including some original plants in the garden. Highlights include original 19th century hollyhocks, a sequoia planted in 1877 and one of the finest croquet lawns in Victoria.