Hair is one of the most important things that men look for in women. Though this can be disputed, it is a fact as most reports have shown that a larger percentage of men are attracted to women who have long hair. This being the case, there has been many attempts by most women to grow hair that is long. If you are one of them, you need to know that anyone can have long hair as long as he or she knows the various tips of growing long hair. So which are some of these tips?  

1.      Change Lifestyle

To begin with, if you are used to excessive smoking, drinking alcohol or using too much caffeine, it is time you consider reducing. These products will weaken your immune system and thus your normal body functions will be impaired. Bad hair which does not become long is a sign of ill health.

2.      Eat a Healthy and Well Balanced Diet

Since we have already seen that a weak immunity could bring about inferior hair growth, it is more than obvious that the diet we eat has some effects on our hair growth. Ensure you eat diets which are will balanced as hair growth requires vitamins, proteins as well as mineral salts like magnesium and sulfur. Get the advice of your nutritionist on how to go about a healthy diet. Avoid excessive use of fats and do exercises regularly. You could also supplement your diet using multi-mineral as well as multivitamin medicines. This together with other tips for growing long hair will make your hair grow rapidly.

3.      Knowing Your Hair Type

Secondly, you need to know your hair type. Different people have different types and this has influence on so many things about your your it. It affects how soon you will wash it and how you should moisturize it. It also has an influence on the general care that the hair should be given. People who have dry and curly hair need more care as opposed to those who have silky hair. In addition to that, people whose hair is frizzy also need much care as well. The moment you know your hair type, growing long hair will be very easy.


4.      Trim It Regularly

To grow long hair, make it your habit of getting rid of split ends in your hair by trimming them off in intervals of about three months. Trimming will entail cutting only the damaged as well as the split ends. This will make sure you stay with healthy hair only.

5.      Clean It regularly

Other than trimming your hair, you need to make sure that your hair is cleaned regularly depending on your hair type as the more you clean it the likelihood you remove the dirt that will be clogging the pores in your scalp thus more blood flow. These will work to make sure that your hair grows faster. Many ladies ignore this tip,  however, it works work magic.

6.      Shampoo Your Hair Regularly

To add on the above already covered tips, make sure that you regularly shampoo you hair. This will stimulate hair growth and you will end up having hair that is long.

7.      Condition Your Hair

Also, after the last cold rinse you could then use a good conditioner to keep your hair moisturized. Rinsing with cold water will stimulate hair growth.

8.      Massage Your Scalp

Good hair growth requires that you continually massage you the scalp with olive or almond oil. During massage use partially warm oil and you could massage the scalp it with your fingers. Let the hair sleep overnight with the massaging oil and then wash it the day that follows using a mild shampoo.

9.      No Harsh Chemicals

Avoid using some chemicals that are harsh on your hair as they end up weakening it. This will make your hair to be more vulnerable and fragile. Strong chemicals combined with a poor diet are some of the two main reasons why some people have hair that falls off when combing.

10.  Combing and Brushing

While combing your hair, make sure you first divide it into small clusters and do it gently to avoid hurting it. Brush your hair up to 100 times in a day if you have strong hair, for those who have weak hair they could cut the number.

11.  Minimize Blow Dries

Blow dries should be kept at their minimum level possible. This is because they affect the scalp as well as the root of the hair,

Following these simple tips for growing long hair will make everyone notice the way your hair has not only changed, but also grown tall.

Growing Long Hair