In the last couple of years energy drinks have become overwhelmingly popular. With the product growth, the average age of caffeine consumption has gone down drastically. It is not uncommon to see young children running around with a Red Bull or a Rockstar energy drink.

Products like Red Bull, while still leading the market in terms of sales, are not even in the top 50 most caffeinated beverages. I will be listing the top 15 energy drinks based on mg of caffeine per 100ml. For reference, a Red Bull is 245ml and contains 80mg of caffeine, that's 33mg of caffeine per 100ml. So if you think Red Bull gives you a caffeine buzz, try out some of these bad boys!

#15 - Cocaine Energy Drink

Cocaine Energy Drink248ml 280mg 113mg/100ml

Cocaine energy drink comes in a red 248ml can and was temporarily banned due to the name between May 2007 and February 2008 but is now available again. One can of Cocaine energy drinks contains 248mg of caffeine which equates to 113mg of caffeine per 100ml!

#14 - SPIKE Shooter

SPIKE Shooter248ml 300mg 121mg/100ml

SPIKE shooter is available in a 248ml can and was originally intended as a supplement but eventually found its way on the shelf with other energy drinks. One can of SPIKE Shooter contains 300mg of caffeine which equates to 121mg of caffeine per 100ml! SPIKE Shooter also contains Yohimbe which can affect blood pressure and may have a positive affect on weight loss.

#13 - Espresso

Espresso Shot44ml 77mg 175mg/100ml

You probably weren't expecting to see Espresso on this list were you? Good old fashion espresso typically equals roughly 44ml of fluid and contains a whopping 77mg of caffeine in this tiny little coffee shot! That equals out to 175mg of caffeine per 100ml! Slam a few espresso shots and you are sure to experience a twitching eye!

#12 - Slam Energy Drink

Slam Energy Drink59ml 107mg 181mg/100ml

Slam Energy drink comes in a 2oz (59ml) bottle which is designed to be taken like a big shot of alcohol. Pound it back and get on with your busy life! Each mini bottle of Slam contains 107mg of caffeine which equates to 181mg of caffeine per 100ml!

#11 - NOS Powershot

NOS Powershot59ml 125mg 212mg/100ml

NOS Powershot is another one of the quick shot energy drinks that basically just want to get down to business. Slam all 2 oz (59ml) and you taking in a solid 125mg of caffeine. That's 212mg of caffeine per 100ml!

#10 - Jolt Endurance Shot

Jolt Endurance Shot59ml 150mg 254mg/100ml

When I think of Jolt, I think back to my childhood, strolling through the corner store, and finding Jolt cola in the cooler. Reading it had double the caffeine and not thinking twice before taking it to the counter. I was wired for hours after; when I think of energy drinks, i pretty much associate the creation with Jolt! Jolt has evolved with the times and has their very own super caffeinated energy drink to compete with the hundreds of energy drinks rushing the market. Jolt's beverage is called Jolt Endurance Shot and it also means business! The Jolt Endurance Shot comes bundled in a 2oz (59ml) bottle and is ready to be slammed on demand. Each bottle contains a 150ml of caffeine which equates to 254mg of caffeine per 100ml

#9 - Upshot

Upshot74ml 200mg 270mg/100ml

Upshot is a multi flavored 2.5oz (74ml) energy shot boasting caffeine from natural sources such as green tea, guarana seed and kola nut. Upshot contains a fair whack of caffeine with 200mg of caffeine in one tiny little shot which equals 270mg of caffeine per 100ml.

#8 - Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell59ml 180mg 305mg/100ml

Fuel Cell is yet another concentrated energy drink in a small package. The 2oz (59ml) bottle contains 180mg of caffeine which equates to 305mg of caffeine per 100ml!

#7 - Stok Black Coffee Shots

Stok Black Coffee13ml 40mg 308mg/100ml

Number seven on our list is a pretty interesting one. It is called Stok Black Coffee Shots, and it comes in a creamer package which consists of only 13ml. Each Coffee Shot contains 40mg of caffeine which comes out to 308mg per 100ml! That is some potent coffee!

#6 - Powershot

3Powershot0ml 100mg 333mg/100ml

Powershot is a Canadian energy drink that is extremely concentrated. Powershot comes in 1oz (30ml) bottles and is available in two flavors, cherry and raspberry. Each shot contains 100mg of caffeine, which comes out to 333mg of caffeine per 100ml. Drink with caution!

#5 - CHARGE! Super Shot

CHARGE Super Shot59ml 200mg 339mg/100ml

It seems like all the most potent energy drinks come in concentrated form; Charge! Super Shot is no different! Charge! comes in a 2oz (59ml) bottle and boasts no sugar, no carbs and no crashes as well as a exhilarating antioxidant blend. CHARGE! Super Shot manages to pack in 200mg of caffeine into this tiny shot which breaks down to 339mg of caffeine per 100ml!

#4 - Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot

Extreme Energy 6 Hour Shot59ml 220mg 373mg/100ml

Extreme Energy 6 hour shot is another 2oz (59ml) energy shot that packs one hell of a punch. Extreme Energy 6 hour shot contains 220mg of caffeine in one small bottle which is just shy of cracking 375mg of caffeine per 100ml at 373mg/100ml.

#3 - Mana Energy Potion

Mana Energy Potion40ml 160mg 400mg/100ml

We are nearing the bend people! Mana Energy Potion is an interesting energy shot as it comes packaged in a miniature potion bottle, which I'm sure will attract the young Harry Potter Fans around the world! Each 40ml bottle contains 160mg of caffeine which comes to a stunning 400mg of caffeine per 100ml!

#2 - Redline Power Rush

Redline Power Rush74ml 350mg 473mg/100ml

Redline Power Rush is a 74ml bottle intended to be downed in multiple servings. The drink is so potent it clearly warns that it is not meant for people under the age of 18. The warning also states that you should not drink the whole 2.5 oz bottle in one shot as the caffeine levels are so ridiculously high. This drink actually contains the most caffeine in one bottle of all the caffeine drinks I've listed here at an UNCANNY 350mg which works out to 473mg per 100ml.

#1 - Ammo

30ml 171mg 570mg/100ml

Ammo Energy DrinkFinally, #1 Ammo! Ammo is an energy shot produced by a company called Bevolution and comes in three flavors: Citrus, Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch. Ammo is far and away the most concentrated energy drink on the market. One 1oz (30ml) bottle contains an absolutely ridiculous 171mg of caffeine which equals 570mg of caffeine per 100ml. The manufacturer goes as far as recommending users dilute the concentrated energy drink into 16oz of fluids prior to consumption. They also claim that drinkers should not just drink the shot straight out of the bottle due to the extreme potency!