UMvC3 has a big roster (over 50 character if you have the dlc) but weblade(104307) want even more. Here is the top 3 dlc I want to see in the game

Leon kenndy

3-(Leon Kennedy & Blade(Zombies/Vampires Killers pack

 I know we have a lot of resident evil character there's Chris,Jill,Nemesis,Wesker. But we just can't get enough of capcom biggest hit. We want more and  Resident Evil 6 is coming out this October so why don't have another professional zombie killer ?and since  we're talking about terrifying creature killers there's a vampire killer I know and I only saw him in Jill ending. Blade  is a famous marvel character and he deserve a spot in UMvC3. The last time I saw blade in a videogame was when marvel ultimate alliance was released. He will make a great team with Resident Evil group and I can imagine him and chris catching wesker in his ending

Luke cage(104308)

2-(Ken & Luke Cage(The Sidekick Pack

When Iron Fist was First announced I was cheerful, Finally! I can make a match between Ryu and Iron Fist to see who is the best fighter of all time. But wait a second ! This game is a three on three so why don't have a side kickers.Their best freinds the other shoryuken & the power man  (Street Fighter versus Heroes for Hire) One for the Ages

Megaman1-venomMegaman & Venom(The Most Wanted Pack(

Let's face it not only me ! Everyone one want to see the Blue Bomber and the symbiote in UMvC3 .we don't want  Megaman from SF X TK we want the one that  we love not the freaky guy and since the series' 25th anniversary is this December give us Megaman back Capcom . And The Amazing Spider-Man is coming soon so that's the best time for these character to see the light. Thanks for reading let us know what character you want to see in UMvC3 too.