The technological breakthrough with electric razor has been rapid in the past couple of years. Electric shavers aren't just effective and comfy but they're now capable of giving closeness just like manual blades if not better. It's no wonder that we have a large percentage of men moving from manual razor to electric shaver in recent years. Electric shavers are said to be cheaper in the long term.

If you happen to be new to electric razors it might be rather baffling to pick with the number of electric razors you can buy. Allow me to share my lists to the best three electric shavers on the market:

Top 3 electric razors - 2013

Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D: My best option is Norelco Senotouch 3D from Philips. This is a really stylish shaver that boasts GyroFlex 3D technique which will conveniently adhere to the shapes of your face. The outcome is sleek and extremely close shave you could ever expect from a shaver. You can either shave dry or even shave wet in the shower, either way the electric razor is incredibly competent. Yet still, there are many individuals who pointed out to have a better overall experience with wet shaving.

Rotary electric razors are often noiseless but this one is exceptional. You won't have the loud buzzing noise of electric shaver which awakens everybody in your family if you are an early bird.

Another feature well worth referfing to will be the Super Lift&Cut technology that will enable the razor to remove hair below skin level for a considerably closer shave. Plus the Ultra Track heads grab each and every hair without the need for repeated shave at the same area. This specific shaver is surely a super shaver you could depend any day.

The Panasonic Esla93 K: is surely an awesome shaver using 4-blade system. I simply don’t see any distinction between the latest 5-blade system and this particular razor. Of course, the most recent unit have an additional cutter but that is not necessarily going to create any sort of major result, particularly with the same electric motor speed at 14,000 RPM. The only significant distinction will be the double price tag.

You certainly will obtain the closest shave ever with a foil shaver. This razor may be used for wet shaving in addition to dry shaving for the same effective result. The multi-fit Arc foils will conveniently follow the contours of your chin, face and neck to get a relaxing and close cut any time.

You will find the choice of selecting this electric shaver with and without the cleaning and charging station. Auto cleansing is an attractive function when you are too lazy to clean the shaver on your own, however you will need to pay out at least $30 - $50 extra.

Braun Series 7-790cc: Braun series 7 is so far the top creation from Braun. You are going to appreciate the engineering of Braun that emphasise a lot with convenience. I believe this is actually the finest razor available if comfort is your main concern. The razor is also very efficient to offer fast and clean shave.

Braun utilizes the patented Pulsonic engineering that can deliver more than 10,000 microvibrations a minute. This enables you to eliminate your facial beard in one stroke without resorting to repetitive shave in the same region. What is also distinctive about the electric razor would be the Smart Foil technology which will capture hair growing in diverse directions. This will make sure that the shaver do not give any spots undone.

Much like other top rated electric razor you'll get an automatic clean and renew station which can clean, lube, charge and scent the electric razor at a press of the button. Although you cannot makes use of the electric razor for wet shaving you can clean it under running water if you like.

As a final point, remember that it requires a while to get used to a brand new shaver, about two - three weeks before you start obtaining the maximum effect. Wishig you luck to find the best shaver