Making a list of the top 3 tower defense games is never easy, simply because there are so many outstanding examples of the genre. A relatively new development in the world of online gaming, tower defense games have become some of the most popular in the online arena.

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of tower defense games, although it is perhaps their inherent simplicity that endears them to more and more people. Most games in the genre follow a similar gameplay and sequence of actions. Players often start out with a certain amount of cash which they can use to purchase gun turrets. These highly effective weapons are installed at strategic points on the tower, and they fire automatically on any target that approaches the tower. With every successful hit, players also earn more cash that they can use to bolster the tower’s defenses.

Additional excitement is provided by the increasing strength and resilience of the opponents, and the action typically becomes progressively more intense. Towards the end of a typical game, the most people tend to play at a feverish pitch.

As mentioned previously, coming up with a list of the top 3 tower defense games can be difficult, although these three examples do have enough excitement and ingenuity to make the grade.

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

In this highly engrossing game, players first have to go through a helpful tutorial. While you can probably skip this part once you have become familiar with the game, new players are advised to go through the entire introduction in order to learn the game’s intricacies. The action begins with a group of bubble creatures that you can get rid of with a few well-placed turrets. You can even group your weapons together to form larger and more effective turrets. Deceptively simple yet highly addictive, this game will probably keep you up well into the night.

Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense is ideally suited for new players, although it is by no means boring. The playing field is rendered as an office desktop interestingly enough, although that is about as much as it has in common with everyday life. Things quickly become heated when Bubble Tanks attempt to traverse the playing field. These blob creatures don’t follow any specific path, and the randomness of their course makes for hours of entertainment. You can also influence their trajectory to entertaining effect, and have them help meet your goals before finally wiping them out.

Bloons 4

Finally, this game makes you see balloons in a whole new light. Although fairly innocuous in most games in which they are featured, the balloons here are decidedly menacing, and you have to do all you can to stop them in their tracks. In your arsenal are several weapons that range from the familiar cannons and planes to the more unusual and downright outrageous fans, pineapples, and even monkey! Although fairly limited in options, this game nevertheless delivers the goods on account of its polish and clever gameplay.