My Picks for the Top 5 Autobots of All Time

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Transformers, from Hasbro, have to be one of the greatest lines of (boys) toys ever.  The design is ingenious.  Boys like to play with cars.  Boys like to play with robots.  Why not offer both in the same toy?

One can imagine that designing one of these toys is no small undertaking.  Getting all the joints and movable parts sized right so that everything works in both robot and vehicle mode must take quite a bit of design effort.  I'm sure prototyping these toys is a lot of fun!

A cool toy won't sell well without a good backstory, and the Transformers have an awesome story (which continues to develop to this day!).  Every toy from the line has its own personality, stats, and abilities.  And almost every single toy appears on-screen in either a television show or feature film.

For more on the history of the Transformers, check out this article by TrevorLewthor, "The Transformers: A Brief History of the Robots in Disguise"




"Autbots! Transform, and Roll Out!!"

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime has to be the best Autobot of all time.  It is reported that over all the years of manufacturing Transformers, no other model has been reproduced through as many versions as Optimus Prime.

With the 1st generation model of this character in mind, Optimus takes the top spot due to quality of construction (no cheap and soon-to-fail connections), model detail, and backstory of character portrayed in the original cartoon series.  


"I Didn't Know Human Teeth Had Skin!"


Although over the years Bumblebee has changed from the original Volkswagen Bug, to a Chevrolet Camaro (and lost his voice), he is still among the most popular of all the Autobot characters, as well as the bravest.

All the other Autobots look up to him, even though he is nearly the size of a human.  However, his size seems to help him in that he connects with humans probably better than any other Autobot.


Babble babble babble


Bluestreak is a motor-mouth.  He can't just shut-up.  Good thing he makes up for it with firepower and sharpshooter accuracy.

Anytime you model a robot character after a Datsun Fairlady-Z, (Nissan 280Z for you younger readers) you're going to end up with something special.  Bluestreak was in my opinion the best designed, detailed, and easily transformable of all the Autobot toys.

Contrary to today's toys, the original Bluestreak toy had silver painted metal components, real rubber tires, and all of his joints and proportions looked very close to the character in the original cartoon series.


"Me Grimlock Kick Butt!"


Grimlock was probably the dumbest Autobot character of all, yet also widely feared.  I mean, what's more intimidating than a giant, robotic, tyrannosaurus rex with low intelligence?  Oh yeah, and in robot mode, he carries a giant energy sword to deal with stuff he doesn't like. Grimlock is leader of the Dinobots, and isn't really into following orders, unless they are from Optimus Prime, whom he holds a great deal of respect for.  However, he doesn't get along too well with most of the other Autobots.  Finally, he is one of the few Transformers that could go toe-to-toe with Optimus or Megatron in a fight.

The original Grimlock toy was pretty awesome.  Vacuum metallized silver and gold components mixed with the matte metallic silver body paint. -Awesome.


"I Don't Believe in Destiny"


Probably every kid I can remember who played with Transformers, either wanted to get Jetfire, or already had him, and was the envy of all the other kids.  The original Jetfire toy was amazing, and the there was a super-sized version released as well which was -HUGE-.  You could wrap your whole hand around each limb on the toy, it was crazy.  Jetfire was also a blast to transform.

The original story pins Jetfire actually as a scientist, and a passionate one at that.  He's not trusted by his fellow Autobots too well though, and often in cartoons seems to be 'freelancing', and not sticking with the Autobot pack.