Call centers have had a bad reputation at times, mostly because of companies outsourcing to distant countries where English is a second language and where the staff answering the calls haven't been trained properly in how to best serve the client.

Things have changed a lot since those days. There are still many considerable benefits to be gained in outsourcing to an answering service, one that is based in the US where English is the first language, and where staff are trained to a very high standard to meet each and every need a client might have. Here then are the top 5 benefits of outsourcing to a call center.

1. Cost Effective:
The cost involved in running your own dedicated department with enough fully  trained telephone agents to provide a complete service night and day, all year round,  is likely to be higher than the costs involved in outsourcing the service.

Outsourcing to a professional answering service takes all the logistical problems away. There is no department to maintain, no staff to look after, no sick leave or holidays to consider, and no hardware or software to think about either.

2. Never Miss An Important Call:
At those times when your company is closed down for the night or the weekend, your secretary won't be there to answer any calls that may arrive. With a professional answering service you can effectively be open all hours, every day of the whole year, if you like. You can also take calls from people in other time zones, perhaps even in other countries, thereby never missing an important call.

3. Take Up The Overflow At Peak Times:
If you already have your own in-house call center, you can still benefit from using a professional answering center. There will be times when it's quiet, and times when your staff can hardly cope with the volume of calls. That's where the professionals can help, by having the overflow diverted to them, leaving your staff free to cope.

4. No Days Off:
Your staff are human, after all. They get sick occasionally and have to take days off work. At those times you have to rearrange your staff to cover for those off, and if there's a flu epidemic, for example, it can be difficult to manage. With an outsourced answering service, all these difficulties disappear.

5. Seamless Operation:
One of the fears faced by some companies is that the answering service won't be up to scratch. Today's typical outsourced answering service, United States wide, for example, will appear to your callers as your own staff. The operation will be completely seamless and invisible.