The internet is a common source for sitting around and just killing time. Often when we have nothing to do, we pop open a computer and sit around and browse endlessly in search of fun websites that are entertaining but can also offer a fast forward in time. Sometimes when we have nothing to do, we just have time to waste, and there's no better way than sitting on a computer and wasting time browsing interesting, fun websites. The problem can sometimes be locating the specific websites that bring entertainment, and often times we browse regurgitated statuses on social networks for hours. There are web addresses online that open portals to entertaining worlds, and can waste hours of our time and cure a bad case of the boredom. I've compiled a list of the top 5 best websites that waste time and are fun. I've had first hand experience in exploring these websites for hours, and never being bored while on them. While some of them offer redeeming information, others often just fill the mind with senseless humor and are good for several laughs. I hope you enjoy my list of the top 5 best websites that waste time and are fun to browse around on.

1. - Several times, we often hear of urban legends and completely doubt them from the beginning. Still, some of them may seem possible. Snopes is the perfect website for confirmation on certain urban legends, offering detailed explanation on whether they are real and fake. You can learn everything from whether there are alligators in sewage systems, to whether there actually is a connection between The Dark Side of The Moon and The Wizard of Oz. Snopes offers endless lists of urban legend validity, and is the best comprehensive website for knowing whether or not certain rumors are true. The website is updated frequently and covers new urban legends that we hear about around the water cooler. You can spend countless time having fun while browsing the enormous amount of stockpiled information on the site, and have fun all the while. I highly recommend this website as one of the top websites that wastes time and is fun.

2. - This website is in the same vein as snopes, as in it compiles several tidbits of information that are fun to know. Several fun features on this website explain heaps of information that may have gone over your head. There's no real format of the information, rather than neat things you might want to know, or humor driven articles usually based around pop culture. The facts are updated daily, consisting of things along the lines of secret messages in movies, easter eggs within albums, and mysteries that mankind has been unable to solve. Every day there are new articles posted on the website that explain new cool bits of information. This is one of the top 5 best websites that wastes time and is fun.

3. - This is a fun website that offers an array of images taken within Wal-Mart's around the world, and displays several wild characters as they shop around. You will find images of people in crazy outfits, doing insane things, and being absolutely ridiculous. You can submit your own photos of people you've seen that are absolutely wild within your local Wal-Mart as well. The websites not exactly safe for work, but if you're trying to kill time, you can easily browse the ridiculous images of random shoppers within Wal-Mart and get several goof laughs from the website. This is the best time waster, because it really doesn't get old. There are several pages of different photographs, and some of the finds are absolutely so fun and hilarious you'll have to send them to your friends. This simple website displaying random people within Wal-Mart is one of the top 5 best websites for wasting time, and I've personally lost track of hours while browsing.

4. - Lamebook is essentially a site that highlights hilarious things that have been featured on Facebook. It shows several funny, hilarious statuses and events that have occurred on the social networking site. You will find people commenting hilarious things in responses to different status updates, and is overall a hilarious collection of online content featured within the realms of other peoples Facebook pages. If you find this website interesting, you should check out my compilation of the top ten annoying Facebook "likes".

5. - Hulu is an awesome website for wasting time and having fun, because it contains television episodes and movies that are watchable, and it's completely legal. Hulu plays almost any show you want to watch, with very limited commercial interruption. You can easily waste time by watching television online, for all of the different shows you want to watch. I personally believe that websites like hulu will cause the death of television, because it's so much more efficient.

I hope my compiled list of the top 5 best websites that waste time and are fun, was extremely beneficial in helping you kill time while browsing the internet. You should be able to waste as much time as you need to while browsing this websites. I hope they are very entertaining, and become website staples in your fun, online time wasting habits.