Whether you are looking for some replacement parts or simply spare Black and Decker lawn mower parts to store in your garage (in case of an emergency), you should consult this article before doing so! There are literally hundreds of parts that are present in lawn mowers; which parts should you have spares of?

What makes the situation even more difficult is the fact that cordless lawn mowers have different parts than electric lawn mowers! This article is not the bible of Black and Decker replacement parts; however, it will open your eyes to the 5 most crucial lawn mower parts that you should keep extras of in your garage!

5. Air Filter Cartridge

I have placed this at the top of the list because I believe that it is the least important spare part to have for your Black and Decker lawn mower. I feel that this lawn mower part lacks importance simply because the lawn mower can operate without it. The only thing that the air filter cartridge affects is the efficiency of the lawn mower! The air filter cartridge is only present on gas powered lawn mowers because it is part of the combustible engine. You will not need this spare part if you have one of Black and Decker’s electric lawn mowers!

4. Replacement Blade For Your Black And Decker Lawn Mower

The replacement blade has come in fourth place in this list of Black and Decker lawn mower parts to have in your shed because it will literally take years or carelessness to break! Basically, the blades on your gas or electric lawn mower are designed to last for the entire life of the mower; however, having them hit a large rock or curb will substantially reduce their lifespan! The majority of the Black and Decker lawn mowers use the same spare part, so you should be able to buy one set of replacement lawn mower blades for your machine, and use it with all of the Black and Decker grass cutting machines that you buy in the future; however, you must be sure that they all have the same cutting diameter (ie. 22” blades).

3. Engine Spark Plug

An ineffective or broken spark plug will cause the machine to stall, so I have emphasized the importance of these replacement parts for your Black and Decker lawn mower! The last thing that you want to happen is having mower continually stall on you as you are trying to cut the grass. Not only will this cause you to cut the grass unevenly, but it will also make landscaping your house a difficult task! In addition, the spark plugs for your lawn mower will only cost about $6 each, so they are some of the cheapest replacement parts that you can get your hands on!

NB. Spark plugs are only found on gas powered lawn mowers.

2. Replacement Oil Filter

As was stated with the air filter cartridge, the lawn mower can run while needing its oil filter to be replaced; however, running the lawn mower in this condition will actually damage the engine! It takes a long time for the oil filter to become dirty, so you may even be able to remove the oil filter from an old lawn mower that a person is throwing in the garbage! Free lawn mower parts for your Black and Decker machine can also be found in old machines that landscapers are throwing out, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

1. The Most Important Of The Black And Decker Lawn Mower Parts That You Should Have Is......A Spare Wheel And Tire Assembly

Whether you have a gas powered lawn mower, or one that runs with an electrical extension cord, the wheels are absolutely essential for you to cut the grass! Unfortunately, they are some of the weakest parts in the lawn mower, and usually need to be replaced frequently. With that being said, you should try to find a spare wheel and tire assembly to keep on a shelf in your garage so that you can be prepared to replace the part on your lawn mower. I am not a professional landscaper, but I am telling you that the wheels and tires will need to be replaced sooner or later!

There are a ton of replacement parts that you could have for your Black and Decker lawn mower; however, they would probably take up the majority of your garage space! When it comes to landscaping your home, a lawn mower is absolutely essential. The last thing that you want is to be halfway through mowing your lawn, and the gas lawn mower breaks down because a part is broken. Having some spare Black and Decker lawn mower parts in your garage can eliminate that problem entirely!