Super Cool College Posters

If you are a college student who needs a cool college poster for decorating your dorm room, you need to look online. There are tons of cool posters and art work for your dorm just waiting for you to buy. The truth is that in order to make your dorm room look cool, the secret is having a good poster or two to make it stand out!

Here are some cool college posters for decorating your dorm room:

"College" Animal House Poster

Belushi!Credit: CollegeHappenings.Com

While this poster is a bit cliche, it is still pretty cool to have in your dorm room. It's a rebellious poster, a cult classic for sure. John Belushi was a heavy drinker in the movie Animal House (and in real life, too).

No one can forget that memorable scene in Animal House where he chugs a full handle of Jack Daniels. This poster is a must-have for the party animals out there.

 Pulp Fiction Poster (John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson)

This is a great poster but you should be a fan of the film Pulp Fiction for it to really be worth buying. The film was super cool, but this poster is just as cool! Travolta and Jackson both holding guns in one of the early scenes of the film.

"Clean Bathrooms" Poster

A super cool and really funny poster for your college dorm or your college dorm bathroom. Let's face it, college dorm bathrooms are usually disgusting and a miserable place to be in, so adding a little humor to it could make it a better experience for your friends.

 "All I Know I Learned from Family Guy"

A great and funny college poster to have is this Family Guy one. Fans of the show can really appreciate the humor here! Even if you aren't the biggest fan of Family Guy, your roommates and friends probably are, anyway.

 "Life is Full of Difficult Decisions" Beer PosterBeer!(96699)Credit:

This poster is for all the beer lovers out there - I'm not talking about the Natty Light drinking frat boys, rather the true beer drinkers of the world. If you are a beer lover and like drinking REAL beer, this poster is for you.

Plenty of tough decisions to make, indeed! See what beers you've had on this poster, and try to have them all.

Star Wars Humor Posters - Jabba the Hut

Jabba the HutCredit: AllPosters.comHaving a Star Wars poster in your college dorm room is cool, trust me. Don't be scared to buy one, like this Jabba the Hut "Original Gangster" poster.

It's funny and original! May the force be with you. Have sex with me, you will!

Anything With Marilyn Monroe and James Dean

There are so many posters to choose from when it comes to these two mega celebrities that we'll just say anything with them is cool enough for your dorm room.

Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston PosterALI!(96702)Credit:

This is the ultimate poster for college males in my opinion. Nothing says cool like seeing Ali stand tall over Liston in this epic fight, after all the smack talk with Ali saying he would beat him before the fight.

Well, he did. It was a quite a moment in the history of sports and America, and we should be very thankful the photographer caught such a great moment!

All these posters are available online at Amazon. 

I hope you enjoyed this list of the coolest college posters for dorm rooms.