Ways to Promote your InfoBarrel Articles


I’m not a top InfoBarrel earner or anything (in fact, I’m still fairly new to the whole thing) but there is one thing I have learned very quickly and that is that you need to do some serious promotion of your articles in order to get traffic  to them.  Without traffic, you will have very little earnings.

I’m primarily a blogger so I started thinking about the ways I promote my blog and how I could adapt those ideas to promoting my InfoBarrel articles.  Mostly, people talk about social bookmarking but that is only the beginning if you truly want to be successful. You need to think outside the box.

Here are the top 5 ways to promote your InfoBarrel articles that you may not have considered before:

  1. Blog about it.  Blogs are great for building traffic, creating links, and gaining regular readers.  You can blog about your journey in writing articles for residual earnings or you can blog about a specific niche that you write about often on InfoBarrel.  There are many that are already doing this but I think that it deserves repeating.  You can start a free blog on Blogger.com or Wordpress.org (and if you use Blogger you can add your Adsense code for more potential earnings) or you can buy a domain and hosting for very little cost.
  2. Add the RSS feed of your articles to the sidebar of your blog.  It’s very simple to do.  Go to your profile and you will see a orange RSS button.  Click on that and copy the url from your browser.  If you are using Blogger.com you can add it easily with a Gadget or if you are using WordPress you can add a widget.  The feed will automatically update so that you always have the newest articles on the top.
  3. Guest post on others blogs.  Offer to write an article for others who blog about residual earnings or blog about the same topic as you.  Write something nice for them and in exchange they will put a link to either a specific article or your InfoBarrel profile in the resource box that talks about who you are.
  4. Comment on CommentLuv blogs.  Blogs that have CommentLuv enable leave a link to your latest blog post – or in this case, your latest article.  Use the RSS feed from #2 as your website when you comment on these  blogs.  Even better, try to find blogs that have both CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enable.  KeywordLuv allows you to leave keywords in your name and when search engines see the link to your name they will associate it with the keywords that you have attached, instead of your name.  (Note: Thanks to CWilliams for reminding me of the CommenLuv tool in his forum post)
  5. Create a YouTube video.  If you know how to use PowerPoint, turn your article into a PowerPoint presentation, record some audio, and put it on YouTube.  Don’t forget to choose a keyword optimized title and include keywords in the tags.  Put the link to your article or your profile at the very beginning of the description so that people don’t need to expand the description to see it.