The Top 5 Fast Food Chicken Sandwiches

The Best Chicken Sandwiches In Existence

One staple of the fast food menu is the chicken sandwich.  The chicken sandwich is a food item that is typically delicious no matter which fast food place that you go to.  Several times they will taste very similar and there won't be that much of a difference in the product, but in a few circumstances, the chicken sandwich really speaks out and makes a name for itself as far as taste goes.  Let me clarify that this top 5 fast food chicken sandwiches list is pertaining only to fast food, higher-end restaurant chains are completely out of the question, as they are usually much more expensive and of a much better food quality.  I am an avid chicken sandwich eater, and it's the number one item I purchase at fast food restaurants (of course this excludes taco bell and it's ever changing dollar menu).  If you're interested in finding the best chicken sandwiches available, follow this list I compiled and sample your favorites.  The top 5 fast food chicken sandwiches that made my list are the best of the best chicken sandwiches that are out there.  They should all be tasted and tried out, for they may become your favorites also.


5. Burger King - Chicken Royale - You may simply know this menu item as Burger King's "chicken sandwich" but it's actually called the "Chicken Royale".  It is a standard menu item that has been on Burger King's menu for quite some time.  It's not incredibly wild, and fits to a standard bread, lettuce, mayo, chicken format, but it's absolutely delicious.  The shape of this chicken sandwich is unlike the other chicken sandwiches that made the list.  It is one chicken sandwich that has remained the same for years, and has never let me down.  It does not contain any cheese on it, though you can add it if you'd like, but it honestly doesn't need it.  The Chicken Royale is one of the top 5 best fast food chicken sandwiches.

Chicken Royale

4. Wendy's - Spicy Chicken - Wendy's describes their spicy chicken sandwich as "Kick it up a few notches. We added our own fiery blend of peppers and spices to your favorite chicken breast fillet. Topped with mayo, lettuce, and red, ripe tomato" and this description does their spicy chicken sandwich much justice.  In my opinion, this is the best item on Wendy's entire list.  Their spicy chicken is one of the best spicy chicken sandwiches around, never leaving me unsatisfied after an order.  It always fills me up, as it is on a very large chicken fillet.  It easily came to mind when I crafted the list of the top 5 fast food chicken sandwiches.  I recommend it very highly.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

3. Checkers/Rally's - Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - This item that's usually on Checkers/Rally's menu as a 2 for $3 item is perfect.  The chicken on the sandwich is doused entirely in Frank's Red Hot Sauce making it an absolutely delicious, flavor-filled, spicy sandwich.  You can't go wrong if you purchase the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Checkers/Rally's.  It's extremely cheap, but heavy on taste.  This is definitely one of the top 5 best chicken sandwiches that are out there in fast food restaurants, and easily made the list.  Grab an order of Checkers/Rally's delicious fries along with this, so that your mouth might cool down a little.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

4. Subway - Oven Roasted Chicken Sub Sandwich - This is one of the best sandwiches for many reasons.  It made the top 5 fast food chicken sandwich list, though Subway is set up a little differently than most fast food restaurants.  My favorite thing about Subway's oven roasted chicken sub sandwich, is that the sandwich is completely customizable.  You get to tailor the sandwich to however you want it, from the bread, to the sauce applied, to the vegetable toppings that go onto it.  The sandwich can be something that's entirely healthy for you, or completely unhealthy, it's up to you!  You get to cater the sub sandwich to your flavor, thus making it fit the mood as to what you're hungry for.  The Subway oven roasted chicken sub sandwich is whatever you want it to be, and the chicken on the sandwich is delicious (this is usually a 5 dollar foot long item).  I highly recommend going into Subway and trying this item.  It easily made the top 5 fast food chicken sandwiches list, and is easily one of the best that's out there.

Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwich

5. Checkers/Rally's - Spicy Chicken Melt - Obviously I am a fan of spicy chicken sandwiches.  This is one of the best spicy chicken sandwiches that I've ever eaten anywhere (this includes the more expensive restaurants).  Something about this sandwich is extremely delicious, thus proving that Checkers/Rally's knows how to make a good spicy chicken sandwich.  The spicy chicken patty is placed between to pieces of sourdough bread, smothered in cheese sauce and grilled onion, with sliced cheese, and mayo.  This sandwich may sound like a lot to handle, but it is the perfect combination and tastes absolutely outstanding.  Every time I go to Rally's, I end up purchasing this sandwich (unless I'm not as hungry, then I automatically go for the buffalo chicken sandwich).  I urge you to try this fast food chicken sandwich, as it is one of the best chicken sandwiches of all time, easily making the top 5.

Spicy Chicken Melt

Well there it is, the list of the top 5 fast food chicken sandwiches.  I highly recommend that you sample all of these, as you may find your favorite.  Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and I hope you found the best fast food chicken sandwich that's out there.