Finding a good Las Vegas travel forum will help you to network with other people who are seasoned travelers to Vegas so you can secure the best deals when you are planning your trip. The top Las Vegas travel forums will also give you the ability to get information that is current and not generally known by people outside of Las Vegas. There are many Sin City travel forums and some of them pretty much suck. Here are the top 5 LV travel forums that I would recommend you read though when you are planning or daydreaming about a trip to Vegas!

5. City Data Forums

 The City Data Forums are a great resource for visitors to LV. The City data forums are an even better resource for people who are considering moving to LV. The section of the City data forums if very active with people who both visit Las Vegas regular, Vegas Locals, as well as people who used to live in Las Vegas or are considering a move to Las Vegas.

4. TwoPlusTwo Poker Forums

If you are an avid poker player and that is one of the primary reasons for your trip then you should visit the TwoPlusTwo for the best for poker players. This forum is well-known as the most popular poker forum on the Internet. If you need LV travel advice from other poker players then your best bet would be to visit the TwoPlusTwo poker forums. If you are not interested in Poker you may still find some of the Vegas travel related deals to be a great resource for you as you are planning your LV, Nevada vacation.

3. Wizard of Vegas

The Wizard of Vegas is the third best LV travel forum for people who want to go on a vacation there. Wizard of Vegas forums are a great place for anybody who is interested in the mathematic associated with gambling. You definitely do not have to gamble when you go on vacation to Las Vegas but most people will play at least a few bucks through a machine. If you plan on doing any serious gambling in Las Vegas then you should read the Wizard of Vegas forums. These forums will help you to save money on your Las Vegas, Nevada vacation. Wizard of Vegas is more focused on the gaming aspect than a vacation aspect but if you are going to be going to Vegas and do any gaming at all then you should definitely read up on the Wizard of Vegas forums.

2. Everything LV

The EverythingLV Forums is about everything Las Vegas. This is the second best forum about traveling to Las Vegas. If you are looking for the best  forum then you cannot go wrong with

The thing I dislike about the EverythingLV forum is that it has an ugly header and it is too large. There is no need to have a header that big on a forum because it leads to needless scrolling. The header also sucks and they can get a much better one on Fiverr.

1.  Message Boards

The best LV travel forum is the Message Boards. If you want a bulletin board that encompasses all aspects of the town then you need to visit and register with the Message Boards. If I could only visit 1 message board about LV then it would be this forum here.

As with most forums, the members here are able to strike up friendships with each other. There is a forum here that is specifically for members to meet up with other members who also will be traveling to LV at the same time. That is pretty cool to have an interest in Las Vegas and be able to discuss it with other people and then end up having a beer with these other people while vacationing in Las Vegas is pretty cool.

Do you have a favorite forum about the city that I left off of the list? If so let me know in the comments below what they site is. If it is not one I am familiar with I will let you know and if it is one I think sucks then I will also let you know.

Planning a trip to LV is a lot of fun and using online forums to research out your trip is a great way to plan. Once you are actually in Las-Vegas keep an onlien journal or "trip report" to share with others. I love reading the  Trip Reports from other visitors and it keeps my entertained when I am not able to visit Las-Vegas myself.

If you have been to this wonderful City in Southern Nevada and kept a trip report then let me know and I would love to read it. If you have any Clark County related websites or articles then let me know and I might even link to them if I like them. Vegas is unique in that it captures the imagination of an entire World. People from all over the World want to come and visit this Neon metropolis in the Desert. What attracts people to Sin City varies a lot, but it does attract a lot of people each year. What attracts you to this amazing City?