Back pain is one of the most difficult conditions to deal with, yet it is one of the easiest things to eliminate. Over 87% of Americans suffer from back pain and the most common cause is improper education on the importance of posture and ergonomics.

The most effective way to slowly improve posture is through simply changing the chair you use. The chair that you use on a daily basis says a lot about how your back will feel like five years down the road. Typically, the less attention that the chair's design gives to ergonomics, the more prone you will be to back pain. Not all chairs are the same, so knowing exactly which chairs are best can ensure you live with a healthy back that holds up for a lifetime.

The Top 5 Best Chairs for Back Pain

#5 Saddle Stools

Saddle Stool

Saddle stools are ideal for those who have already made some progress in improving posture.  Like many other ergonomic chairs, they lack a back rest.  The absence of a back rest encourages you to sit upright, without needing to remember to do so. It is important that you only buy this chair once you're certain you have control of your posture.

#4 Mesh Chairs

Mesh Chairs

Mesh chairs are made with a back rest assembled with a polyester mesh weave. The best part about this specific type of chair is that it happens to be very versatile as it shapes itself to your unique body. It's ideal for those that have curvatures in the upper or lower spine and are looking for a product that will offer support where as other chairs might fall short.

#3 Yoga Balls

Yoga balls

These products are great for those that are looking to 'train' their posture through core muscle development.  In order to stay upright on a yoga ball, the sitter must maintain balance in 360 degrees.  This gentle effort, over time, starts to tone the core muscles and builds strength, thus improving your postural support.

#2 Hag Capisco Chairs

Hag Capisco Chairs

The unique design of the Hag Capisco chair was developed to pin-point and support the major areas of the body that are fundamental in ergonomics.  This includes the back's lordotic curves, the elbows, the neck and the pelvis.  

#1 Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling Chair

Based on consumer reports, the best type of chair for back pain would have to be the kneeling chair.   The open angle slope of the the seat gives more room to the hips, which are directly related to lower back pain.  Many users find relief within the first day of switching to a knee stool.  In addition, the absence of a back rest encourages the body to come into upright postural alignment.  


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