In the current economic climate, education has become increasingly important for individuals across the nation, and people are rushing to earn as many diplomas as possible, be they bachelors, masters, or doctorate degrees. A person who wishes to be called well educated must look for the top courses that are taught in universities across the country. These days, the undergraduate degree seems to not be enough, and more and more students are enrolling in masters degree programs, in order to try and stay one step ahead of their peers.

While it's true that many different degrees can help you land the job you've been searching for, there are five degrees that are currently at the top of the heap, including the following masters degree programs: Arts, Science, Business Administration, Nursing, and Sports Management.

First, the Master of Arts is considered to be one of the best degree programs, as this program teaches you skills that are highly valued across practically any industry. The most common specializations in this program are Communications and Liberal Studies. By obtaining this degree, you can potentially become a web designer, graphic designer, digital animator, video producer, and more, allowing you to help companies enhance their online presence.

The second masters degree program that is considered to be among the best is the Masters of Science degree. This exciting program can open many doors to new opportunities in the ever-growing fields of technology, biology, ecology, chemistry, and more. Within each field, you can acquire highly paid positions in consultancy, research, and engineering.

The third top masters degree program in the U.S. is the Masters of Business Administration (MBA), which is the most sought-after degree of them all. Whether you're an entrepreneur, corporate employee, manager, or partner at a larger firm, the MBA can help you open up new doors in the job market. An MBA degree is one of the best ways to achieve the senior position you've been hoping for, boost your credibility, or start new career path.

As well, you can also pursue a Masters in Nursing, a degree that is very lucrative in the multi-million dollar medical industry. Like most masters programs today, you can also achieve your Masters in Nursing online, without having to quit your full-time career. Lastly, the Masters in Sports Management is an excellent degree to help you build you career in the vast sports industry, which offers the following positions: trainers, coaches, athletic directors, and more.