Burnside is one of the most underrated musicians of all-time. He was a very talented guitarist, songwriter, and singer.

Here are the 5 most rated songs from Burnside and you can find him on Spotify. It is because of streaming music from Spotify that I get to discover and learn about new musicians that I was not previously familiar with Burnside is one of the musicians I never would have discovered if not for Spotify.

1. Hard Time Killing Floor

2. Got Messed Up

2 ½ minutes into this song and you may think that you are listening to a guitar riff off of a modern Gansta' Rap album. This song starts off slow but then sucks you in rapidly. This is definitely one of the his best rated songs from Burnside. Got Messed up is the second most popular song from Burnside. If you are looking to sample a song for a new modern album then you definitely need to take a look at this song.

3. Fireman Ring the Bell

Fireman Ring the Bell starts off with a strong introduction to the essence of Delta Blues. The guitar picking is pretty awesome. His voice is entrancing. This song is the third most popular song from Burnside. If you like blues music then you definitely need to check out this song. It is simple yet at the same time very complicated. Maybe I am just over thinking this song but I really like it.

4. Going Down South

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This song is a classic Rock song and is definitely unknown to many people. If you like Rock music then check out the song Going Down South. Elvis had nothing on this man.

5. Skinny Woman

I like this song: however, I personally do not understand why it is his 5th best song. I like many of his other songs more.

A Very Brief R.L. Burnside Biography

Robert Lee Burnside was born in 1926 and died in 2005. He is best known as one of the earliest and greatest examples of Delta Blues Music Burnside was born in Harmontown, Mississippi and grew up very poor Burnside was a hard worker. Burnside spent many years as a fisherman. Burnside also was also a sharecropper for many years. R.L. Burnside shot and killed a man and was forced to spend 6 months in prison. His employer at the time reportedly pulled some strings to get him a very short prison sentence so he could get out and help drive the tractor on his farm.

Until the 1980’s R.L. Burnside was a regular guy who liked music but his music began to get popular and he was able to begin touring and working with other musicians. R.L. Burnside is a musician who was not looking for fame. Burnside simply had a true love for his music and eventually it paid off for him.

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