Outsourced telephone answering services are an enormous value for nearly any business, regardless of size or industry. Professional, dedicated answering services allow businesses to give more time and energy to their core product or mission, which ultimately translates to better results, higher conversions, and a more satisfied work force.

Professional Image

Small businesses in particular have a fundamental need to give a professional image to all customer-facing elements. Even when the business is the new kid in town, newness is not usually the trait that should be foremost in potential customers’ minds. Instead, new and small businesses should give the impression that they are well-established. Creating this impression depends in large part on quality customer service.

Telephone answering, especially when provided outside of regular business hours, lets customers know that a business is “on top” of things. An out-of-touch company will quickly find itself out of customers, too.


Delivering the same message and quality of service to each customer is important in any business. Answering services enable this kind of consistency through collaborative scripting and workflows. Operators don’t have to shoot from the hip when they have clear, consistent instructions in front of them. Many answering services tie-in with their clients’ systems, ensuring up-to-date pricing, specs and peripheral information on the clients’ inventory. Integrated systems all but eliminate the fear of spreading inaccurate data.


Outsourced answering services are a definite cost-cutting measure. The telephone answering company handles the ongoing costs of training, recruitment and resource management. The client who takes advantage of the service has simply to pay a single bill. The cost savings can then be allocated to research and development, facilities or bonuses for high-performance employees.


Growing businesses need to expand without ripping apart at the seams. When all of a business’s services are kept in-house, sudden growth can be disastrous rather than exciting. Outsourced, third-party services, on the other hand, are designed to quickly scale as demand changes. This is one of the most compelling reasons to select a telephone answering service for a new business.

Expert Guidance

Answering services have experience across a range of brands and industries. They know first-hand what works and what doesn’t, and they can offer this support to clients. It’s not possible for business leaders to understand and forecast every single variable within every sector of their organization. Why not let customer service experts have some ownership over what they know best? Furthermore, regular employees may not have the requisite skills to handle customer service in an ideal fashion. Dividing labor more discreetly results in improved organizational efficiency and a lower-stress workplace.