Summer Vacation is a time to Discover New Vacation Spots

Summer is a time for Vacations


     Summer, for many is a time for vacation, because the whole family can take a trip then, if one has planned ahead properly. Summer is a time for fun and exploration, for trying new things and traveling to new places, or places that one has visited before and loved. The best time to travel may be in summer, but there are places one should never go to when it is that areas summer weather time. This is because some places can get extremely uncomfortably hot and humid. That doesn't mean one should never visit, but it might be wise to visit some other time than during the summer.

     There are still however many great places to discover and enjoy during a vacation in the summer months. Each country, every city has treasures to discover, history to uncover that an individual vacationer might not know. Summer is a time of opportunity. Everyone has so much to learn about the places they visit and not just the concerts and food, but other things too. Sometimes a tour of the city, town or village helps, but not everything is on the tour guides route. There are things often overlooked and the best way to learn more is by researching old library archives.

The Best 5 Vacation Spots to visit in the Summer

      1.     Nome, Alaska. It is a place rich with history and has seen its fair share of epidemics. Like the outbreak of diphtheria in late December of 1924 resulting in the great race of mercy in 1925. The great race of mercy was named so, because it was a race across the terrain of Alaska to get the diphtheria antitoxin from Nenana, Alasak to Nome, Alaska in order that lives might be saved.
      It took the form of a relay, with 20 mushers and over 150 sled dogs to get the
diphtheria antitoxin to Nome, Alaska where the diphtheria outbreak occurred. It took them five and a half days, covering 674 miles to get the diphtheria antitoxin to where it was most needed. A record which has not yet been broken. Without the great race of mercy Nome, Alaska might have ceased to exist.

Sled Dogs(97081)

      All the mushers and all the sled dogs were heroes, although most notable is Balto. Although Togo should share at least half, if not more than half the credit for being the hero of the great race of mercy. That life saving relay race is the inspiration behind the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.
      The history of the diphtheria epidemic and the
great race of mercy which followed should not be overlooked by summer vacationers.

     2.     Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska. It is a a national park which has been preserved in its natural state. It sports the highest mountain in North America, Mount McKinley which makes it an interesting place to visit in the summer. It's absolutely stunning and a challenge for hikers and mountain climbers.

Denali National Park(97080)Credit: wikimedia commons

     However it is not a task to be taken on by amateurs. One needs to be prepared for even so much as taking a brief hike on the mountain, for any and all mountains can be dangerous. At least in the summer, the temperatures are warmer than any other time of the year. While its not uncommon to get 70 degree weather, its often much cooler, even in the summer.

      3.     Sumaco Napo-Galeras National Park, Ecuador. It is alive with wildlife, but one should probably hire a guide if one is going to explore the Sumaco Nap-Galeras National Park in Ecuador. That is if they intend to vacation there in summer, or any time of the year for that matter. At least that way, summer or any other vacationers would be safer.

EcuadorCredit: wikimedia commons

      Probably, if this had been vacation spots for wildlife biologists this would have been at the top of the list for top summer vacation spots. This not often explored terrain is just waiting for all its wonders to be discovered, as long as it remains the way it is. Free of human progress, a place which is timeless, ageless and wondrous as the circle of life continues. It can be found situated in the Napo Provenience, Orella Provenience and Sucumbíos Provenience of Ecuador. It is a protected area of Ecuador.

     4.      Arriba, Colorado. It happens to be a small town that as of July 2009, the population was only 201. Thus a very small community. Sometimes small communities can be fascinating, although not always welcoming.

Colorado Welcome SignCredit: wikimedia commons


    It would still however be interesting to learn what its like in a small town and whether or not the neighbors know everyone elses business and how fast news might travel among the citizens of the town. It is no doubt small, because it is a rural area made up of farming and ranching. An experience not to be missed.

     5.      Elmira, New York. It was once the home of Mark Twain and Elmira College is the college his wife, Olivia, attended. No one enjoying a summer vacation should miss out on learning more about Elmira, New York and its Mark Twain history. There is an exhibit on Mark Twain and his family located in Hamilton Hall, which is part of Elmira College. Elmira also is where Mark Twain was buried, not the college, but the Woodlawn Cemetery. It is here too, where his wife was buried. There is both a monument and a smaller headstone marking the grave. The monument was put up by Mark Twain's (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) surviving daughter, Clara.

Mark Twain GraveCredit: wikimedia commons

      Twain however is not the only person of fame to have lived or died in Elmira, New York. Hal E. Roach is another. Mark Twain however is perhaps the most famed and most well known out of all the famous or at least successful people to come out of Elmira, New York. Mark Twain however was not born in Elmira, but many of the others of some renown were. It's a nice place to visit, particularly for historians or those who enjoyed Mark Twain's work.

Mark Twain HimselfCredit: wkimedia commons

      For children it might not be a fun place to stay in during the summer, at least not for an extended period of time. Although Eldridge Park might give them some entertainment with the put-put game, carousel and peddle boats shaped like colorful dragons. It also has a small children's playground and is also a great place to walk or enjoy a summer picnic. At Eldridge Park there's also a place to skateboard, bike and roller-blade on a circular ramp. However it is advised that children be monitored at all times as even in Elmira, New York there are unsavory people among the many wonderful people whether its summer or not.

Have Fun on Summer Vacation by Exploring


      All people across all roads of cultures should try and explore places in the world, beyond the ones they know. Many people chose Paris, France or London, England or even places like Los Vegas, Utah as summer vacation spots. They however are not the only cities in the world. Vacations need to open their eyes and explore new territory and summer is the perfect time to do that, especially as a family.