The Wedding Gift Ideas Newlyweds Really Want in 2011

As someone who was recently married, I can tell you from experience that there should be rules for picking out wedding gifts. There are many schools of thought as to what makes the perfect wedding gift. Should it be thoughtful, personal, practical, humorous, or even embarrassing? In general, newlyweds will most likely get the most use out of practical items, but there are ways to be creative and unique in your gift giving.

1. Cash - As expected, the number one gift that newlyweds really want, but don't want to ask for is cold hard cash. Practical doesn't begin to describe how boring it is to give, or how forgettable it is to receive. However, cash will certainly be most appreciated as it can be used for anything from the dish set they actually wanted to help paying for honeymoon expenses, or even go towards the purchase of new home. It can still be personal if you get creative. instead of just a check, include a note of marriage advice, or how you'd like to see them spend the money. Make your cash gift humorous and memorable by giving it to them in small bills or even coins!

2. Stick to the registry - Newlyweds register for particular gifts for a reason. If you feel like cash is too boring, then it is best to stick with items that they are interested in. It seems impersonal to purchase items they request, but if you want to get the most memorable gift, get something they will use on a regular basis, not something you would use. Consider the fact that unwanted items actually become a hassle for people as they must store or sell them later in life.

3. Honeymoon surprise - If you want to really surprise the bride and groom with an unusual wedding gift, look into where they plan to spend their honeymoon. Purchase a travel guide to their destination and include a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant there. Or book them a surprise couple's massage in their hotel room, or on the beach.

4. "Of the month" Clubs - Give a gift that keeps on giving once the dust settles from the wedding. Find out what their interested are, whether it be wine, beer, flowers, books, or even steak. Include their first months gift, and a note saying what they can expect each month in their mailbox.

5. Contributions - If there are not any memorable items left on the registry, perhaps you could get together with a few other friends and purchase that one "big" item they registered for, but were not expecting. It can come as a great surprise, and really helps dampen the financial blow of post-wedding necessities. Most people are too shy to initiate a group effort so step up and take charge. The bride and groom will thank you.

Do you have any other unique, or creative wedding gift ideas for 2011. If so, be sure to leave a note in the comments section.