The Worst Songs About Money


To put it simply, there aren't many good songs out there about money. Heck, a lot of the songs on money and being rich are quite terrible.

Even worse, if you listen to these songs too much, or take the lyrics seriously, you could end up broke. Just like MC Hammer.

I've listed below my top 5 worst songs about money. They would make Warren Buffett cringe. If MC Hammer - Did he make the list?Credit: www.sfist.comyou listen to these songs, I hope you do the exact opposite of what they say!

#5) Tina Parol – Who’s Got Your Money

Something about a girl maxing out a guys credit card and stealing all of his cash just isn't cool. Then again, maybe he is the fool for dating her in the first place?
"And I started buying
Feels good, swiping your visa
Louis, Gucci, flight to Ibiza
I left you a note letting you know you’re broke"
"Bought everything that I ever wanted
Diamonds, man I’m just getting started.
Spend all your stocks and bonds.."                             
"But that’s that and I ain’t lookin’ back
I’m moving on in a brand new Cadillac
Can’t stop, my heart still has a crack
Sill shouldn’t but all your cards are maxed."
Guys, stay clear of these types of girls.

#4 Timberland - Talk That S**t

I've never heard a song that just screams "I'm going to be broke in 10 years" than this song by Timerland. It's just very materialistic.

The problem musicians have is this - what happens when the money stops coming in? Then you may start to realize that the cars and yachts and homes you own are nothing but wealth-destroying liabilities.

"And I got a Maybach, with the partition."

"I bought a yacht just to see if I would get seasick...So why you fronting for, when you ain’t got that I got a Bugatti Zana, bitch you ain’t got that."

"I got big bank, I’m talking big bucks And I bought a Phantom to see how the back doors open up."

"I got the new Ferrari shorty you ain’t got that"

"And I got a vacation spot in the Bahamas"

Let's hope for Timberland's sake that he continues to sell records.

#3) My Last - By Big Sean Ft. Chris Brown

Building wealth is a long and meaningful journey that takes some sacrifices. Living below your means can be pretty important in reaching your goals.

“And I’ma hit this drink up like it’s my last. I’ma I’ma hit this night up like it’s my last....Big a$$ bottles, big ice buckets. I work too hard to be balling on a budget. Me and my people do it bg out in public. ‘Cause if you don’t do it big, you ain’t doing nothing.”

The truth is, pursuing instant gratificition is wealth destroying behavior, and delaying gratification is wealth building behavior. It's that simple. You have to be frugal and careful with your money and invest smart over a period of time. If you do that, you have a great chance to be rich. Not by blowing your money on a Saturday night at the local strip joint.

#2 ) Billionaire - By Travis McCoy

Ugh. This song annoys the crap out of me.

"I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad / Buy all of the things I never had / Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine / Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen"

This song annoys me because it’s all about the OUTCOME (having a billion dollars) and not the PROCESS. Wah. I want a billion dollars. Who DOESN'T man! How are you going to do it? And why do you deserve it?

I find someone talking or singing about wanting a billion dollars extremely lazy and ignorant. You want to be a billionaire. OK. Join the club. How are you going to do it? Are you going to produce something meaningful?

To be a billionaire, you have to do something that affects a lot of people. It's lazy and selfish to want a billion bucks and not have any plan.


#1) If I Had a Million Dollars - By The Barenaked Ladies

This song should be re-named, "If I Had a Million Dollars, Here's How I'd Blow it." Here's a list of things the Barenaked Ladies would buy, according to WikiPedia:

  • A house
  • Furniture for the house (such as a chesterfield or an ottoman)
  • A K car (such as a Plymouth Reliant)
  • A tree fort in our yard
  • A little tiny fridge to put in the tree fort, (containing pre-wrapped sausages in the Gordon version)
  • A fur coat (with fake fur)
  • An exotic pet (such as a llama or emu)
  • The remains of John (Joseph) Merrick (the "Elephant Man")
  • A limousine to drive to the store (Really?)
  • A lot more Kraft Dinner (and expensive ketchup - dijon ketchup - to go with it, in the Gordon version)
  • A green dress (not a real one, though)
  • Some art (a Picasso or a Garfunkel)
  • A monkey
  • "Your love"

Basically, if you somehow obtain $1 million dollars in a short time frame (by winning lottery for example) this is exactly what you DO NOT want to do with the money. Nothing about investing, at all! Nothing about KEEPING that million dollars.

Then again, I guess there is nothing fun about the lyrics "If I had a million dollars, I would put it in FDIC insured government bonds and live off the interest." Or event "I'd buy a basket of dividend paying stocks and re-invest some of the dividens, dollar cost averaging of a period of years."

 There is a reason people who win the lottery often end up broke. They are rich, not wealthy. They buy a bunch of stuff and nothing with real worth.

Plus, a million dollars sure doesn’t buy what it used to? Can anybody even retire on a million bucks these days? Decent song but you can't take it seriously anymore.