Almond milk is a substitute or alternative to dairy milk. It provides more benefits than other non-dairy milk such as soy milk and rice milk. It is also beneficial for those who have allergies and intolerances to dairy milk and soy milk. Aside from these, almond milk still has a lot of benefits.

The following discusses the top benefits of almond milk.

Essential for the heart

Unlike other types of milk, almond milk does not have any cholesterol in it, which reduces or avoids the bad cholesterol in the body that can lead to heart diseases. It also increases the good cholesterol for better metabolism and utilization of energy by the heart for more effective heart contractility. It also contains minimal sodium of 5 mg per serving. Being low in sodium, it is essential for people who have high blood pressure because it does not contain much sodium that can elevate the blood pressure. In addition, almond also contains potassium, which is essential in the regulation of the impulses in the heart.

Essential for weight management

Almond milk only contains up to 60 calories per serving of 8 ounce. Being low in calories, it may benefit those who want to maintain weight or lose weight. Plain almond milk without any sugar is also beneficial for people who want to cut excess calories in the body because it does not contain any glucose that may increase the weight.

Essential for blood sugar regulation

Almond milk also contains low carbohydrates of 8 grams per serving, thereby essential in maintaining normal blood sugar levels in diabetic and normal individuals. Almond milk is also low glycemic, which means that it is not converted fast to glucose in the intestines and also is used solely for energy production, which does not add up to the blood sugar levels in the blood.

Beneficial for the skin

Each serving of almond milk contains up to 50% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is responsible for maintaining young and glowing skin. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which reduces the free radicals in the body responsible for a faster aging.

Essential for bone health

Almond milk just like dairy milk contains more of calcium and vitamin D that are essential in maintaining strong and healthy bones. Increased intake of almond milk prevents osteoporosis and weak bones in children and adults.

Improves the eyesight

Almond milk contains vitamin A that is responsible for the maintenance of eye sight. Vitamin A is responsible for the ability of the eyes to adjust to light and identify colors.

The vast benefits of almond milk make it a good source of nutrition that will help the body fight diseases such as certain infections and syndrome. Almond milk is also a good alternative to those who want to get the benefits of milk, but are lactose intolerant because almond milk does not contain lactose and other sugar.