After writing an article titled Who are the Top 5 Richest Rappers in the USA? I felt compelled to further highlight some famous rappers who also donate a good chunk of their earnings to charity. While seeing just how much money each of the richest rappers in the world make on a yearly basis, it is more important to consider what they actually do with their money after earning it. With all of the rappers on this list making at least $5 million dollars (if not a whole lot more), it is not too hard to imagine that many of them give money to charities and actually help the world out on a large scale. Read on if your interested in who the top 7 richest rappers are that give their money to charity, and leave a comment if you really enjoy this article!

1. Curtis Jackson - "50 Cent" ($100 million dollars)

50 Cent is undoubtedly one of the most well known rap superstars in the public eye. He sits firmly on this list of most charitable richest rappers in the world because his dedication to charity has been formulated into the G-Unity Foundation which he founded. The major focus of this charity is on underpriviledged, low-income, and underserved communities in the United States. This reflects his own upbringing, coming from a poor family living in public housing developments. While many people may not agree with the messages 50 Cent portrays in his rather explicit rap music, and not to mention the significant amount of violence that has plagued his personal life (including being shot 9 times and surviving); there is no doubt that 50 Cent is actively attempting to make the lives of many underpriviledged people better.

To me, 50 Cent is one of the more noteworthy givers who fall under the classification of being on of the richest rappers in the world; primarily because he has set up this organization and is very active with it. You can check out the website for the G-Unity Foundation right here.

2. Sean Combs - "Diddy" ($500 million dollars)

While Diddy is undoubtedly a hugely successful businessman and rapper, his charitable giving is equally immense. He has supported many charities over the years, including Breast Cancer Reasearch Foundation, Children's Hope Foundation, Scholarship Fund, and the Hip-Hop Action Summity (on which he is a board of director). He has additionally raised more than $2 million dollars for New York schools and children suffering from HIV and AIDS in a 2003 New York Marathon. He has actively visited a 17-year-old cancer patient at a charity tennis match.And with his clothing line Sean John he has created a special product consisting of a hot pink slip with sales income being given to Breast Cancer Awareness organizations. In terms of sheer monetary donations, Diddy sits very highly on this list. I believe there is a misconception that all of the richest rappers in the world are just greedy and self-centered. While this may be the case for some rappers, there are undeniably others who give much of what they have so rightfully earned to others.

3. Shawn Carter - "Jay-Z" ($450 million dollars)

While Jay-Z frequently gives money to charities such as Artists for Peace and Justice, Music for Relief, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and especially for donating money to the Red Cross (in the form of $1 million dollars after Hurricane Katrina) and others; he is particularly well known for his advocacy in ways that do not necessarily involve money. It should be pointed out that charitable giving is not all about money, but sometimes a person of great fame (as Jay-Z is, considering he is one of the richest rappers in the world) can do a whole lot to bring awareness to issues and inspire other people to donate as well. For example, he held a concert in New York in 2006 where he was able to raise over $250,000 dollars for the charity PlayPumps International. He has toured the world and dedicated much energy to promoting awareness regarding water shortage in many countries of the world. In extension of this awareness promotion, he also produced a film (in Africa) titled Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life which is continuing the trend of awareness. These are just some of the major contributions Jay-Z has had with regards to charitable contributions, and I am sure there are even more not spoken about too frequently.

4. Kanye West - ($70 million dollars)

Like so many rap and hip-hop artists, Kanye West is dedicated to charitable giving directed towards poor and working class families. He co-founded the Dr. Donda West Foundation (with his mother after which it is named) with the specific focus of reducing the number of kids who drop out of school. I find this organization to be interesting and rather unique in it's specific focus, and the programs it unveils, such as the one named Loop Dreams which promotes artistic activity (the production of music and learning how to write) with the larger goal of helping kids increase their academic skills. Kanye West is well known for supporting a large range of charities, including Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, Oxfam America, Habitat for Humanity, and many others. He also has contributed music to a compiliation album dedicated to helping Hurricane Katrina victims.

5. Marshall Mathers - "Eminem" - ($180 million dollars)

Eminem, likely known best for being one of the few white rappers in the mainstream, as well as for his life story which was documented in the film 8 Mile, gives much to a variety of charities including his own founded charity The Marshall Mathers Foundation, Eight Mile Boulevard Association, and the charity Nine Million. With the Marshall Mathers Foundation, Eminem consistently donates money to help disadvantaged youth in his home state of Michigan. When it comes to charitable giving, Eminem keeps it very close to home; which makes a lot of sense considering how influential his life story has been on so many people, and himself as well.

6. Calvin Broadus - "Snoop Dogg" - ($110 million dollars)

While Snoop Dogg may not be the best role model for children, based on his musics lyrical content as well as the various legal problems he has been in, especially with regards to drug possession; it is important to consider the positive things that Snoop Dogg has done for the world. We tend to look at the worlds richest rappers and think that they are all just hard, bad guys; but in reality they are not all that bad. Snoop Dogg is well known for giving to a variety of charities, including Habitat for Humanity, Orca Network, Save a Life Foundation, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and The Healing Circle, among many others. He also has a special charity he has set up himself named Snoop Youth Football League in which he actually coaches youth football. He is a very interesting guy, and his charitable giving is pretty extraordinary considering is "bad-guy" street cred. One of the richest rappers in the world is out to help it, who knew?

7. Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. - "B.O.B" - ($5 million dollars)

In looking for the last of the richest rappers in the world to feature in this article regarding charitable giving, I thought the rapper who goes by the stage name B.O.B would be interesting to throw into the mix because of his recent rise in popularity. While he only makes around $5 million dollars a year, he is pretty active in giving a lot of his money away to others in need. Recently, he gave $10,000 dollars to the charity Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless; and essentially started a radiothon asking others rappers to do the same. It is hard to find much more solid information regarding B.O.B's charitable giving, but from what I have read he does it pretty frequently and in large amounts as well. While this is a relatively young guy with a good amount of money in his pocket, let him be a role model for you as you think about giving money to charities and people in need around the world.

The richest rappers in the world have a lot of power to do good. While some of them may not give much at all to charity, others (like the one's on this list) are well known for giving their money away. While not all of us like rap music (I personally don't), there is something very human about wanting to help other people; and it is great to see these rappers give away so much of their money, energy, and time to make the world a better place. If you want more information on the richest rappers in the USA, be sure to check out my article titled "Who are the Richest Rappers in the USA?" Leave a comment below if you found this article to be a great source of information on rappers who give to charity as well!