A tattoo is placed anywhere on the body. You can get them on your arms, legs, neck and even your stomach. Women have as many tattoos as men. However, women who choose one for the abdomen soon discover one issue men are able to get around, tattoo stretching during pregnancy. The rapid changes that take place to your stomach will affect how it looks, both during and after pregnancy.

Child bearing is certainly a wonderful time in any woman’s life. Each time is a unique experience no matter how many children you have and each time you have a child you run the risk of having a tattoo stretch or distort.

The distortion happens as the girth of your belly increases. Of course your stomach goes back down after you deliver, but some women never lose it all. Which means it will never be the same as before. Certain ones still keep that distorted appearance after losing the girth because of factors like coloring and shapes within the image. There are several things to do which help prevent your work of art from being altered from the original.

Reduce the odds of distorting your tattoo by following some easy tips and techniques.

1)    When you choose one for your stomach, keep in mind the child-bearing years. If you are planning on future pregnancies, consider what type or kind you get beforehand. Some artists have advice for the best kinds for anyone planning on having children and they can answer your stretching concerns.

 2)    Wait until after you have had all of your children before you get one. This means the shape of your belly will not change after you have one you like.  

3)    Discuss pregnancy and your tattoo with the artist you choose. Talk about touch ups and related information. They may have unique recommendations based on the type of skin you have along with the colors or tattoo you choose that keep it looking the best while you are expecting and afterwards as well.

 4)    Make certain you follow your healthcare provider’s advice to have a healthy pregnancy. Keeping your body in great shape the entire time will work in your favor. A healthy body means strong nourished skin which will diminish any adverse behavior like stretch marks. Tattoos and stretch marks are not a good combination. Do whatever you can do to lessen these because they severely distort your artwork.

 5)    Hydration is very important for strong and vigorous skin. Water is the best form of hydration and indulging in as much as possible is vital to great skin. Drink up to eight glasses a day to keep your skin hydrated and strong.

 6)     While water keeps your skin nourished on the inside, you need to work on a moisturizer for the outside. Ease the stress on your skin by using a moisturizer lotion each day. If you a chance to treat your stomach more than once a day from the outside, take advantage of it by doing so. Some experts recommend cocoa butter based products. Though, any type of oil, lotion or cream to cut down dryness will work wonders. Rub it in as much as possible and as often as possible. Not only will your skin look better, it will feel better too.

 7)    Pregnancy is a rapid weight gain and loss in a short amount of time. This accounts for the stomach muscles becoming weak. Work on getting back to your original shape and fitness as soon as possible after delivery.

 Getting the muscles stronger will make your tattoo look as close to the original as possible. Follow a doctor’s advice on what type of exercises do can do to strengthen these particular muscles and how soon you can do them.

 In conclusion

Pregnancy has a way of changing your entire body, especially your stomach. In truth lots of women discover as their tummy grows so does the belly tattoo and not in a flattering way. These are unique tips and advice to keep your stomach tattoo from stretching during your pregnancy. Following these will certainly increase the likelihood of keeping the original tat you paid for.

Before starting any type of rigorous exercise after delivery, consult with your physician