Shopping for men and shopping for women are two entirely different adventures. Men are fairly easy to shop for. They may not tell you what they want but it's easy to figure out. Women, on the other hand, are very difficult to shop for because they'll tell you exactly what they want then say they don't want it, then say they do again, then say something completely different and not related to the first product at all. Let's make it easier and select the top 10 gifts that are sure to please even the most picky woman.

Bath & Spa Items

Every shopping mall will have a store similar to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. In this store you will find a lot of luxurious items like soft robes, towels made just for a woman's hair, candles, bath salts, back scrubbers and more. When a man enters this store it's a strange and foreign atmosphere and it makes shopping for the woman in your life a little overwhelming. If you walk in with no idea what to get, you have to try to think about what smells and colors she likes the best first. If you know those, you can usually find a helpful salesperson to help you out if you can't decide. They usually have all in one gift baskets that come with robes, all kinds of bath stuff, and body sprays. That's a great choice that most women will love.

Fancy Candles

Most women absolutely love candles. Big ones, little ones, and strangely shaped ones all have their own appeal to a woman. The best course of action here is to get a nice variety. You will need to know what smells the woman you are shopping for doesn't like. If your mother can't stand the smell of lavender, double check the purple candles you are looking at and make sure they are lavender free or skip any purple candles just to be on the safe side. Go for a very large and unique candle to really make a good impression. The more colorful it is, the better. A 6 pack of tiny tea candles isn't what you should be buying, instead, see if there is a special candle store in your area. Some health food stores may even have a large candle section.

A Hand Made Card

A hand made card you spend many hours creating is the type of gift a woman will never forget. Whether it's your wife or your mother, a nice card made completely by you is worth more to them than anything else. You won't want to use a pen and a blank card for this one. Find some way to give it a unique twist. A card made with wood burning is very cook, as is a metal card with a personal, heartfelt message written with a dremel tool. You will have to get creative here and add pictures and designs. It's a good idea to have a lot of extra supplies on hand just in case it doesn't turn out right the first time.

Include a newer picture of yourself or your family for bonus points.

A Day Of Her Own

While not technically a gift, you can give your wife something that guarantees 8 hours or so where she can be alone and do whatever she wants. A great way to do this if you have kids is load them up and go spend the day at Grandma's or go for a camping trip overnight. On the opposite side of that, you can get your wife a gift certificate for a nearby full service spa where she can be pampered for a few hours.

Gift Cards

Gift cards should be your absolute last resort really. This makes women think you didn't care enough about them to take the time to find out what they want. This could lead to fights in some cases. Instead of giving a woman a gift card to Wal-Mart, get her some presents first then add in a gift card to somewhere she loves to shop. It could be Barnes & Noble, a hair and nail salon they like to go to, or even a restaurant they really enjoy.

Family Photos

If you are married, you know the importance of family photos. Most men don't get family photos done willingly so when you make sure to get some great pictures of yourself and the kids, your wife will be amazed and extremely happy. There is a trick with this though. You absolutely have to pay for another set with her included. If not, the best gift in the world could be taken as an insult. Your parents and their parents will also want some pictures so that's another great reason to make sure you have another time set up for everyone to be in the same pictures. Without the woman in your life in the picture, you can do something fun like all be cowboys or pirates. That will make her happier when you go in for the real family photos and dress in your Sunday best.


It's been a tradition for hundreds of years so you can't go wrong with perfume. Make sure you know her brand or at least whether or not she likes the kind you plan to buy. Most women have a couple of favorite brands so a good thing to do is see how much she has left of each one. If you see an empty one, you know what to get. Keep the receipt just in case.


All women love chocolates even if they say they don't want them for one reason or another. You don't want to go cheap here because expensive chocolates really taste better than cheap ones and people can tell the difference with one bite.

Clothing wasn't included on this list because it can be a lost cause to even attempt to buy clothes for a woman unless it's a package of socks. You are better off accompanying her to the store with a specific amount and letting her do her thing.