Internet security is one major issue that is often overlooked by users. With the alarmingly increasing rate of cyber crimes, it is now one major issue that should be taken seriously. Oftentimes, we postpone the need to take care of our security because we all think that it would not happen to us, but thieves and viruses, target anyone. It is better that we learn how to secure our emails now than later to make sure that we do not get victimized due to our own recklessness. 

Listed below are some the top email security tips to make sure that you are safe and secure from the numerous internet threats.

Use Different Email Accounts

Most people use a single account to link all their internet activities—from social media accounts to bank accounts to shopping websites. It is never recommended to link all of these to a single email as the repercussions of someone hacking into your email will be more than devastating.  He or she will have access to all of your accounts which might ruin not only your reputation but your financial health as well. Using different email accounts will not only help boost your security but your productivity as well. How? By having separate emails you will no longer have to sort them out which actually takes some time.

Create a Complex Password

This is a common advice which people usually do not take seriously enough. Yes, your passwords should be easy to remember, but, easy to remember does not mean easy to guess. Therefore, when you create a password, make sure that it is something that is easy for you to remember but impossible enough for other people to guess. Make sure that you combine letters, numbers and symbols for added security. Furthermore, do not keep your passwords on places or systems that might be stolen.

Watch out for Phishing Scams

Reputable companies and websites do not ask for unnecessary information. Therefore, when you encounter one which asks you for your personal information with absolutely no purpose, it would be wise to back away. Now, you should also be aware of another version of this scam which is called phishing. What these phishers do is they imitate reputable websites and companies then they send emails posing as them asking you to provide your username and password.  Phishing scams may be avoided by installing antivirus protection software and malware protection software. When they are active and you go online, they will effectively prevent you from accessing suspicious and fraudulent websites.

Never Click Links on Emails

When you receive a random email which contains a link, never click on it. You should only click on links when you are expecting to receive a registration link from an email or a verification link from reputable websites. When you receive an email which contains absolutely nothing but the link or when you receive an email which urges you to buy a product, never click on it as it might serve as a gateway for viruses or it might lead you to a tempting website which may lure you to enter your information. Furthermore, avoid opening emails from unknown senders and more importantly, do not attempt to open attachments.

Scan for Viruses and Malware

 If you want to visit a website, open an email or download a file, make sure that you first scan it. Yes, scanning almost every activity might seem to be too overbearing, but with the high rates of cyber crime these days, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Avoid using Public Wi-Fi:

Whenever you find a Wi-FI spot, it is indeed tempting to use the opportunity to check for emails or download content. However, even smart phones these days can get hacked and infiltrated by thieves and malicious codes. You should be aware that there are programs called network sniffers which have the capability to analyze important information such as usernames and passwords.

Technology and its security are continuously developing; however, malicious users as well as viruses are also becoming smarter and more complex than ever. They are also unpredictable and they come up with ways we think are impossible to hack our systems. Therefore, always be a smart user. Aside from taking advantage of antivirus downloads, it is also important that we become self-aware with our actions and to create careful decisions. Do not let convenience compromise your security.