Digital photography has ensured a wider range of gadgets for photographers than when photos were stored on film. Digital cameras are now merged with a variety of alternative devices, and with SD storage cards there are a greater range of gadgets for storing, printing and displaying photos than ever before. These are, in no specific order, the top five photography gadgets.

Portable Photo Printers

The portable photo printers are miniprinters that you can take out with your camera. As such, they are smaller, lightweight printers that you can pack in bags. Of course, as they are portable the printers don't require much in the way of cables, and instead might have rechargeable batteries.

With them you can print photographs directly from your camera, or with their storage cards inserted into the printer's slots. Many of the portable printers include LCDs for print previews. They won't be able to print larger paper sizes, but you can still print 4 X 6 inch color pictures with them.

Portable photo printers have a number of advantages. As you can print directly from cameras with them a photo storage card is less essential. They can also be set up much more quickly than non-portable printer alternatives. Nor do the portable thermal printers require any ink refills.

LCD Photo Frames

Who says you have to print your photos to frame them? LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) photo frames abolish the requirement for separate frames. Instead you can frame all your photos in a LCD frame by inserting a camera's SD storage card or USB stick.

Then the LCD photo frame will display your photos as a slideshow. With their split screen modes they can also display up to four multiple photos. They can come in different sizes, but most can display both landscape and portrait photo alternatives. In addition, some can also be mounted to walls like regular photo frames.

USB Cradle

A USB cradle is a fairly essential photography gadget. When you slot your camera into a USB cradle it will recharge the camera's battery. With USB cradles you can also transfer your images to alternative devices that have USB slots. Unless the devices have card slots you can't back up photographs to them without a cradle.

A few USB cradles might also include camera, or photo, stands such as the V550's Frame Dock 2. Some include additional options that display slideshows when you insert the camera to the USB cradle. As such, they can provide another alternative for photograph displays.

Multimedia Storage Viewers

The all-embracing multimedia storage viewers are handheld image viewers that include a built-in hard drive and sizeable, crisp LCDs for displaying photographs. They can include hundreds of gigabytes of storage for images. That makes them ideal gadgets for backing up your digital photographs.

There are a variety of multimedia storage viewers such as the Digital Foci Picture Porter Elite, Epson P-5000 and Wolverine ESP. Aside from being mere storage devices, they have additional options for organizing image, setting up albums and slideshows. Their versatility is further enhanced with extra audio and video options.

Phone Cameras

Cameras are now more widely included with various phone models as more compact alternatives. Phone cameras might not be the most advanced, but they are bridging the gulf with more standard camera models. No longer are they limited to grainy resolutions. Just check out camera phones such as the Sony Xperia S, which has a 12.1 megapixel image resolution for crisp images.

The real advantage of phone cameras come with their additional photo options. They include at least a few editing options for image, and with phone photography apps you can add lots more. With the iPhone you can add apps such as Handy Photo, Photoshop Express and Camera+ that  include more advanced editing options. This gives phone cameras considerably greater flexibility.

These are five great gadgets for displaying, storing, editing and shooting photos. Photographers should have at least one of the gadgets in their camera bag.