Perhaps you have already heard about Diablo 3 and are wondering whether you should buy it or not. The answer is a resounding YES! Diablo 3 is one of those games that only comes along every five or maybe even ten years. It is a huge leap forward both within it's genre and in terms of  game technology and design. There are literally hundreds of reasons why you are going to love Diablo 3 and this article we will take a look at the top 5.

Firstly, What is Diablo 3?

Diablo 3 Cover ArtCredit: you are unfamiliar with the series then it can be hard to understand exactly what type of game Diablo 3 is. This is because the Diablo series virtually created it's own genre; the loot-based action-RPG.

Diablo 3 let's you choose a basic character from five different classes (both in male and female models) and then pits you against countless hordes of enemies and terrifying bosses. As you fight your way along in an action-packed fashion you acquire gold, equipment and experience. Gold lets you buy new equipment or upgrade your current items while the equipment you find from killing baddies is randomly generated and could be an awesome new weapon for your character or it could be junk to sell back at home. As you gain experience and level your character you unlock a series of skills and abilities that you can further customize with upgrades called 'runes'. This presents an awesome amount of flexibility in how you choose to play and gear your character.

5. Play With Your Friends From All Over the World

An awesome new addition to Diablo 3 over previous games is the ability for anyone, anywhere in the world to play on any server they like. This means that if you have a friend in Australia, England and America you can all party up to fight the minions of hell together. Previously party play has been limited to people within the same geographic region so this is a welcome addition. 

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4. The Real Money Auction House

In addition to an in-game gold-based auction house for you to buy and sell your items Blizzard is also including a real money auction house (RMAH). This RMAH will allow you to sell or buy the cool items that you or other people find for real money. 

This exciting edition means two things for gamers: 

  1. You can have the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars by selling your hard-earned gear. If you find a great weapon that isn't suited for your character you can put it on the RMAH and come back to a nice little paycheck!
  2. If you don't have a lot of time to play but have a few spare dollars to spend you can keep up with your friends by buying some extra gear for your character to use.
The best thing about the RMAH by far is that it is completely and 100% optional. You never have to participate in either auction house if you don't want to. I know that I, personally, will be jumping at the opportunity to earn some extra money playing video games!
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3. Play it Your Way

Right from the very outset, developers Blizzard Entertainment have stated that one of the most important things in designing Diablo 3 was that they didn't pigeonhole players into playing in a specific way. Everything from the design of skills to the virtually unlimited customization options on gear lends itself to a completely unique gaming experience for every player.

If you want to play a teleporting frost wizard who covers themselves in a magical icy armor, you can. If you want to play a dual-crossbow wielding, trap-laying Demon Hunter with a bat pet, you can! No matter what class you pick you are free to play however you want and you can change your entire skill set at any time.

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2. Smooth Controls and Gameplay

Diablo 3 has been almost ten years in the making and in this time Blizzard has had plenty of time to get the controls and feel of combat perfect. Diablo 3 is a truly visceral experience and the controls are extremely smooth, intuitive and completely customizable. The games if enjoyable on a fundamental level and this is extremely important in an action-rpg. 

1. Virtually Unlimited Replayability

 Probably the biggest draw of Diablo 3 (and all of the Diablo games) is their sheer value for money. If you want to pay once for a game you can enjoy for the next five to ten years then this is the game for you. This is no exaggeration, either. Diablo 2 has been played by many people for the past ten years with the official servers only just now going offline. Blizzard doesn't like to rush their games out so you will have plenty of time to enjoy Diablo 3 and it's expansions before the next Diablo game comes out.

The games playability comes from three main sources. The increasing difficulty levels as you progress, the randomly generated loot that leaves you always searching for the next better weapon, and the co-op party play. You can start a character by and play through the entire story mode only to have seen 30% of the games content. Once you win the game a new difficulty level called "Nightmare" is unlocked which presents tougher baddies and better gear. Then, once you beat that you unlock "Hell". Once you beat that you unlock "Inferno", the hardest difficulty of them all, one reserved only for the most prepared and best-geared players. On top of all this is the alternate "Hardcore" mode which allows you to create a character that only has one life. The sheer challenge of this mode is enough for a lifetime of gaming.

Look DownLook DownAre you getting Diablo 3? According to an Amazon executive Diablo 3 was their most pre-ordered game of all time. Why aren't you already in on the action? Thanks for reading and please consider leaving a comment below.