With job cuts making headlines daily, the job market may be grim yet a variety of industries continue on like clockwork despite a deepening recession. In fact, some even thrive and experience steady growth, guarded against hiring freezes and decreased revenue due to continued demand.

Health Care
People will always get sick and be in need of healthcare, arguably even more so during harsh economic times when many do not take preventative health measures (e.g. seeing a doctor regularly). Nurses, doctors, physician assistants, physical therapists, medical transcriptionists, and others within various healthcare industries are almost guaranteed to be secure.

As the foundation of the American economy, the transportation industry (which includes everything from truck driver jobs to pilots) is responsible for transporting commercial goods and merchandise. Because consumers still need basic needs such as food, water, and gas during a recession, jobs within the transportation industry are likely to remain intact.

Teachers and related professions will likely see an increase in job growth during the recession due to the vast number of teachers who will begin to retire over the next few years and the growing K - 12 populations. Furthermore, since good work has become scare, many adults will continue their higher education.

Public Safety
Even during a flagging economy, layoffs in police departments and public safety divisions are very rare since tough economic times usually cause an increase in crime.

Accounting and Finance
The need to track finances and pay taxes remains in a recession. In fact, many companies and individuals will have their accountants take an even harder look at their books in hopes of finding more deductions.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are a source of income for your company, you are not likely to be laid off anytime soon.

Consulting firms are likely to see a spike in business during a tough economy as companies cinch their financial belt and look for ways to cut costs and exhaust resources.

Skilled Labor
There are a variety of recession-proof careers within skilled labor industries - demand for such skills remains consistent throughout a recession. Such jobs include electricians, mechanics, plumbers, hairstylists, computer technician, etc.

International Business
Other countries may be doing well despite a poor economy in the United States. As a result, workers in international business sectors are likely to remain gainfully employed.