As in any industry job aplicants that have the most extensive education tend to get jobs quicker and employed for better salaries. The following schools train students to become medical billing and coding specialists and help current prospective coders learn the material they need to know to attain advanced meedical coding certifications.

You shouldn't pick just any school. Some institutions instruct students in a traditional settign only. Some have campus locations for instruction as well as online courses for distance learning.

No matter what school you choose make sure you do your due dilligence. Don't overpay and don't go with a school you don't feel comfortable with.

Below is a short list of traditional medical schools as well as a short list of online schools for you to start investgating. It's not my place to advise one over the other but there are credible organizations each with their own perks and disadvantages.

A Few Traditional Medical Coding Schools

  • UEI College has a number of campuses in Claifornia inlcuding Anaheim, Bakersfield, Fresno, Van Nuys, and others. Their program is 8 months long and trains you to for a degree in Medical Billing & Insurance Coding.
  • Antonelli College has physical campuses located in Mississippi and Ohio. These campuses offer students the ability to earn an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Coding degree in as little as 
  • Florida Medical Training Institue is another school with physical campus locations in Tampa, Melborne, and Jacksonville which train students for degrees in medical coding and billing.

Of course there are many other campuses with degree programs for perspective medical coders but those above are just a small sampling. 

I strongly advise students to get in touch with the admissions people at any institution to find out as much about the school as possible before ever going forward with admissions applications.

A Few Of The Top Online Medical Coding Schools

As opposed to going the traditional route many more people than ever before are going the online route. Online coursework can be completed at any time giving you the free dom to work during the day and do your coursework and class time at night. Online schools tend to cost a bit less but you do have to do more investigation up front to make sure you are going into the right institution.

Below is a small list of some of the most popular online schools for medical coding degrees.

  • Devry University is probbaly the most widely recognized institution with quality online medical coding degree programs. I can't say they are the best because I am not qualified to make that judgement but they are well respected in the industry.
  • Penn Foster is another online school with a very popular online medical coding degree course. This school has lots of curriculems for many different career paths so it's not just a fly by the night organization. Contact their admissions to find out more.
  • Ultimate Medical Academy has been one of the top choices for perspective medical coders for a number of years now. They are well known and provide online degrees to the best coders all the time.

As always, do yoru research on these schools before you comitt to one. You may find certain things about some schools troubling for you while others really are going to train you for exactly the career path you envision. Good luck!

One Last Piece Of Advice

You don't need to get a degree in medical coding to work in the profession. Many people get into coding without ever going to school. The problem with this route however is that it is hard to apply for coding jobs when you don't have experience or formal education in the industry. Just imagine applying for an entry level coding position having only taken an online course versus having a medical coding diploma in your resume. 

One alternative way of demonstrating a little experience without enrolling into a formal medical coding program at a school is to take some independent medical coding training courses and apply directly for membership into the AAPC. The test to get your CPC is pretty hard but it can be passed if you put in the hours nessesary studying.