This article will introduce and review the top selling android gaming apps based off of  android marketplace data - learn all about your entertainment options for your new android based smartphone. Let's get into the games!

Best Android Games #1 - Rule the Sky

Rule the Sky is an interesting android gaming cross between sim city, a cartoony manga-style RPG, and hot air ballooning. In Rule the Sky, you take command of a flying island and build up and manage a flotilla of whimsical vehicles and flying structures. This app features plenty of eye candy and is perfect for anyone that likes intense colors, developing territories and social networking functionality that allows you to link up with friends who also play Rule the Sky. This top android game also has built in leaderboards that allow you to get snapshots of the global competition and make a name for yourself as one of the greatest floating island cultivators around. Lately, the developers have added a number of new castles, buildings and bonus capabilities to help you expand your sky kingdom.

Best Android Game #2 - Robo Defense

Robo Defense is an android game in the well-established 'tower defense' genre. For those unfamiliar with tower defense games, the basic premise is that the player must build up defensive lines from combinations of attack and utility towers to successfully repel increasingly montrous hoardes of oncoming invaders, all within time and resource constraints. Robo Defense is currently priced at $2.99, a nice low price for an android gaming app and can be purchased on the official android marketplace.

Robo Defense's graphics are somewhat static and simplistic, but this top android game more than makes up for it with unlimited upgrades and special achievements unlocked throughout the game that help to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Top Android Game #3 - Abduction! World Attack

Abduction is a mobile platformer for android devices that has players assuming the role of a jumping cartoon cow chasing down a UFO that sucked up its friends and flew off. In Abduction! World Attack you progress through levels in an Adventure mode, but you can also select Quick Game if you're just trying to kill those last few moments before you go in for a job interview.

Abduction World Attack is easy to get into and becomes addicting quickly. It's a solid choice if you enjoy platformers (jumping games) but won't offer much for people who find jumping games infuriating.Abduction is currently retailing at $2.19 per android game download.

Best Selling Android Gaming App #4 - Labyrinth

Now for something a little different but quite clever. You may have already seen labyrinth boards in on display in toy stores. Using the built in accelerometer in your android phone, this little gaming app allows you to drive the marble around the "board" avoiding pitfalls until you reach the goal slot. It's retailing for $2.99 and comes with the support of 1000's of community made levels for endless labyrinth action.

Labyrinth android app game download

Best Android Game #5 - Third Blade

Third blade is a beautifully rendered action packed street-fighter-esque android game in which the player assumes the role of a young sword toting warrior churning through endless waves of various monsters. The game self-advertises as being an unending adrenaline rush and it's easy to see why. Check out this video featuring the in-game action of android's Third Blade:

Top Android Games: Third Blade

As you progress through Third Blade you can level up your character by buying new skills and abilities as well as various weapons. The game features three main weapon types and this skill-building functionality adds a lite RPG quality to the otherwise engaging hack-n-slash action. Fans of action and RPG cross-overs will find plenty familiar territory in Third Blade and hours of continuous gameplay including new levels, increasingly diabolical monsters and plenty of shop interfaces to provide a nice interlude between enemy butchering sessions.

Best Android Gaming and Entertainment Apps #6 - Paper Camera

Ok, so it's not exactly an android game per se, but it's a best seller that's extraordinarily entertaining. If you're not in the mood for a full on game, try out this little gem. Paper camera takes pictures on your android device and works them up in various appealing filters, like "sketch" and "water colors". You can check out a demo of android's paper camera app right here:

Best Android Entertainment Apps: Paper Camera

As you can see from the video above, it's pretty simple to point and shoot with the Paper Camera app. You can switch out various camera filters in real time and achieve a variety of cool results with pre-set filters like "Comic Boom" which will render what you're shooting in the style of rich color-saturated comic books. You can entertain yourself and others by applying Paper Camera's beautiful filters to your surroundings, or you can use it to take artistic photos for use in creative projects later on.

The wide variety of filters extend from quick and dirty sketch-up styles to neon line applications like you might find on a diner's late night sign. This makes Paper Camera viable as a utility app for artists and designers. If you're out and about and see a good photo op that would look great on a website, you can immediate apply one of the filters and take a beautiful artistic shot that will be upload-ready later.

You can also use Paper Camera to take a series of photos with the same filter applied in order to make a photo book gift for friends or family as a personally meaningful yet inexpensive gift. Just download your series of photos to your computer or e-mail them to your local photo shop and have them put together in a printed book. Paper camera makes it easy to take high quality and beautiful photos that will look great on any mantlepiece. At only $2 per download, Paper Camera is definitely one of the best and most entertaining android apps available today.