In today's world, video games are now a part of our culture. They are growing more and more popular as time passes, making them an established form of entertainment. Several icons from video games can be recognized universally. Due to the extensive market of different ways to play games (PC, online, phone, etc.), I've decided to only include the 10 best selling console games in the list.

1. Wii Play (Nintendo Wii - 27.38 Million) - Wii Play tops the list as the best selling console video game of all time. The game consists of a variety of mini games, including fishing, laser hockey, table tennis, and more. When purchased, it is usually bundled with a Nintendo Wii remote.
Wii Play

2. New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS - 24.13 Million) - New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS is a throwback to the side-scrolling games of the past. It was released in 2006 and was the first side scrolling Mario game since 1992. Though it went to a vintage style, it received a ton of popularity.
New Mario Bros

3. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii - 24.01 Million) - Mario Kart Wii is a racing style game that features the cast of characters from Nintendo's Mario franchise. The game was packaged with a Wii Wheel accessory, which allows you to insert the Wii controller into a wheel looking accessory to give you the feel that you're actually steering the cart.
Mario Kart Wii

4. Nintendogs (Nintendo DS - 23.26 Million) - Nintendogs is a real-time simulation game where you take care of different breeds of dogs. You have to feed and water the dogs, teach them tricks, by them treats, etc. The sells of all five different types of Nintendogs games (Dachshund & Friends, Lab & Friends, Chihuahua & Friends, Nintendogs: Best Friends, and Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends) were included in the overall 23.26 Million sells statistic.

5. Wii Fit (Nintendo Wii - 22.61 Million) - Wii Fit is a game which incorporates many different elements of exercise into the game play. The game features aerobics, strength training, yoga, and balance. It's a way to help you have fun and get into shape, and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. It's easy to see why this game is one of the top selling video games of all time.
Wii Fit (38130)

6. Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo Wii 20.94 Million) - Wii Sports Resort contains 12 Mini Games and is set in a similar style to Wii Play. The mini-games are all sports themed, featuring such games as swordplay, archery, basketball, golf, and several others.
Wii Sports Resort

7. Pokemon Red & Blue (Nintendo Gameboy 20.68 Million) - Both of these games sparked a pop culture phenomenon. The original Pokemon games were an RPG where you had to catch 150 Pokemon, battle 8 gym trainers, then defeat the elite four to be the best Pokemon master in the world. There were several hundred hours of possible game play, and you needed to trade pokemon with a friend who had the opposing version (or buy the different version) to collect all 150 Pokemon.

8. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes A Day! (Nintendo DS -18.72 Million) - Brain Age is a game that asks a series of questions, tests your logic skills, helps you practice memory, etc. All of these are designed to keep your brain sharp. It's designed to help improve your knowledge.
Brain Age

9. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES - 18 Million) - Anyone who's ever played this side-scrolling game featuring Mario, understands why it sold so many copies. This is the oldest video game console on the list, but the game is still just as fun today. It's completely perfect as a video game, and fun no matter how many times you've beaten it.
Mario 3

10. Mario Kart DS - (Nintendo DS - 17.90 Million) - This game for the Nintendo DS is very similar in style to Mario Kart Wii. You control the different characters from the Mario franchise as they race. This is a handheld version of Mario Kart, so you can race while you're on the go.
Mario Kart DS

All of the games on the best selling console list are made by Nintendo. This simply shows that Nintendo knows how to make excellent video games. Mario is also a common factor in a lot of these games. I suggest all of these titles if you're looking to purchase a new game, because they are all incredibly fun.