It’s amazing how many surf camps have popped up just over the last couple of years. In the most remote sea-side spots and in tiny villages, you will be sure to come across a surf camp of some sort. It just makes sense. If the waves are good, and you have made a bit of money then why not head off to a place like Costa Rica or Brazil where the sun is always shining, and set up a surf camp. I couldn’t imagine anything better.

When it comes time to choose something that is going to improve your skills, then you have to do a little research. Maybe you want a bit of a holiday on the North Shore at the same time. You may want to concentrate on a certain type of wave.

There are surf camps that suit families and beginners and this will obviously not suit the more serious surfer who has been at it for a couple of years. So have a careful look before you make your choice.

Here are a Couple of Picks

Endless summer surf camp

This school has been going for more than 20 years now, so you don’t have to worry about their level of experience in the industry. They have programs for both the beginner - teaching you to learn how to surf, as well as those who want to build up more skills. They have come a long way, and use photography as well as video analysis to break down your moves.

This gives you more of a personalized instruction model. They provide all of your meals as well as your accommodation, and of course equipment is ready for you to use. You can find these guys in Costa Rica or San Onofre.

Peter Pan surf academy

If you are opening a surf school you may have some stiff competition. The Peter Pan surf academy has been going since 1978 and is still going strong.

They pride themselves in their equipment and this includes surfboards, consisting of hard, soft, epoxy and fiberglass, so you really can’t complain. If you find a big group to come with then the rate will drop. You can also try your hand at a stand up paddle board course, which is a nice change. They are the biggest in the North East.

surf camp

Aloha surf clinics

These clinics take place in Oahu, so if you are keen for a trip to Hawaii at the same time, then this is something to think about. This is probably one of the most well-known camps in Hawaii. At least, everyone knows about it, so you are in good hands.

This school takes in a lot of students who want to learn to surf, and what better way to get started than Hawaii, but it also has sessions for surfers wanting to improve. You can opt for either group or private lessons, depending on how far you want to stretch your budget. The clinics run up to seven days. The school runs under pro surfer Nancy Emerson.

surf school

Joyo’s surf camp

Head off to Bali and discover Joyo’s during March to November for one of their 7-day camps. This is done in true Bali style where you are accommodated in beautiful thatched bungalows.

This is more of a package, and not a bad one if you think that a boat takes you out to the breaks and in your spare time you can go fishing and snorkeling, as well as jungle trekking. When the tide is low you can paddle after walking across the reef.

Mark and Dave’s surf camp

This time we head off to Nicaragua where Mark and Dave host the ideal spot for surfers of all levels to really get out there, have some fun, improve on techniques and skill levels, and appreciate what this place has to offer.

They offer a couple of different accommodation venues in an environment that you really can’t complain about. The house is right in front of the beach which provides some fantastic breaks and barrels.

young kids

Peniche surf camp

Next stop is Portugal, which offers surfers some really consistent waves all year round. The camp is within walking distance. There are a couple of good spots to choose from, including the Supertubes, which was named the top spot in Portugal.


Accommodation is comfy, set in a relaxed environment. You can choose what kind of accommodation suits you. Some people don’t mind sharing, and others will want their own pad. The classes include two sessions every day, and during your time there you will be going to different beaches.

Things you may need before going away

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If you are thinking of taking up surfing when you get back from your trip, then a rash vest is something that you should definitely think of getting. You should also look into a good brand as this will help prevent any red marks developing as you paddle out. Sometimes you only need this as opposed to a wet suit.
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Some people who are more experienced prefer to take their own wetsuits with them. Although surf schools and camps have good equipment, you may feel more comfortable with your own. You will also feel better knowing that you have got something that fits right.

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