The original concept of Web Logs was exactly that an online personal log, but it has expanded beyond all recognition and now there are bloggers all over the world making a living from blogging alone.One of the things all professional bloggers have in common is they write on a topic (Called a Niche) that is popular and has a wide and preferably worldwide appeal.

The leading way to make money from blogging is by using Google AdSense, AdSense is the best option for new and upcoming bloggers.When your blog has established a following and you have displayed yourself as an expert in your niche you can look to make money from you blog by selling direct advertising or maybe write and sell an Ebook would be an option.

We previously covered How To Make More Money With AdSense on your blog or website and their are some great AdSense tips and tricks you can use to increase your earnings.But you must also choose the niche you write in very carefully.
Niche Blog
Why Some Clicks Pay More Than Others

Google crawl your blog, see what your writing about and target ads on that subject to the readers of your blog.

When an AdSense ad appears on your blog the advertiser has bid for that ad space and will then pay if the ad is clicked.How much you get paid if the ad is clicked depends on how much the advertiser bid.

AdSense made simple

If i want to buy ads on blogs that write about pink elephants there will be no competition.The likelihood is I'm the only advertiser looking for spots on that subject.I can bid the lowest possible amount which is a few cent and have my ads displayed.If the ad is clicked i pay lets say 5 cent.

If i want to buy ads an sites that write about 'Quiting Smoking' there will be lots of competition.I will have to pay a lot more, advertisers in this niche sometimes have to pay a few dollars Per Click.Unless I'm willing to pay a few dollars i will never get my ads displayed.

There is a lot more into the process but you can see were we are going with this, if you write in the niche that is competitive for advertisers you will earn much more when your ads are clicked.

The Best Niches

There have been lots of studies into the best niches for making money from your blog, i will provide you with ten niches in which you could actually gain a share of the market.For example niches like Agricultural and Industrial machinery or equipment are high paying but gaining a piece of that market with a self wrote blog would be almost imposable.

This list is based on a number of studies and surveys, most results i have found would have up to 200 niches within a topic like 'Health' so i will give a heading and the highest earning 'Sub Categories' were available.

Top Niche Blogs1. Health - Anti-aging, Cancer, Dentistry and Orthodontics, Health and Medical Insurance.

2. Automotive - Car and auto insurance,

3. Computers - Computer Hardware, Computer Repair, PC and Internet Security

4. Banking and Finance - Credit and Finance, Debt consolidation, Loans and Mortgage

5. Internet - Dedicated Hosting, ISP and Networking, Online Degree, SEO software and tools, Web Development

6. Digital Photography

7. Psychotherapy

8. Real Estate

9. Consumer Electronics

10. Antiques and Collectibles

That's ten of the top paying niches that you could realistically compete in as a new blogger .

What now ?

What you defiantly shouldn't do is start up lots of blogs in all the niches above, your content will suffer and you are almost guaranteed to quit.

Is their a topic in the list that genuinely interests you ?

Pick one that interests you and work hard to build a blog that looks professional and has quality content.You will need help to promote and build your blog and get your blog started.It will take a few weeks before you see your work even starting to pay of, but you can do it !