There are so many different uses for the iPad it is hard to choose a top ten bunch of applications. Let’s for now, look at what a plain vanilla type of user will probably use and enjoy.

  1. NebulousNebulous Notes - We all have to put in some text one way or another and Nebulous Notes is a great choice. It works really well with number two in the list TextExpander. You can use Dropbox to store the notes and obviously edit the notes in there. So you have all your notes with you, all of the time.

  2. TextexpanderTextExpander Touch - When you are using an on screen keyboard there are some limitations, and to overcome that you want to save yourself typing time, if you can, you can do that with TextExpander Touch. Bring the snippets you have made on your Mac if you want to, or create new ones. A snippet is a chunk of text that is inserted when you enter a code of a couple of characters.

  3. TwittelatorPro - While there is a lot of choice of Twitter clients and they all have good points and bad points. One I like is Twittelator Pro. You can use it with multiple accounts. Does all that you need to do, to be a Twitter social networker.

  4. 1Password - With the fact that you are carrying around your passwords in a portable computer you should have them protected, and you can do that with this application. You can create good passwords with 1Password so that you don’t have to have the same useless password for all your sites. I highly recommend this application for keeping your online persona totally safe.

  5. Evernote(46148)Evernote This is your memory for everywhere. Anything that you clip into Evernote is there for you whenever you need it. You can also use for creating notes it will let you record audio notes and on the iPad two video notes. You may put PDF docs in there. The search capabilities are brilliant which is what it needs seeing as you will store so much in Evernote.

  6. iBooks and the Kindle App This one is what some people call a ‘Twoo-fer’. The iPad is great for reading books, except for on the beach on a sunny day, and you have to have some books on your iPad to read. These two applications will fill your needs, you can get books from both Apple and also Amazon. Put in your own PDFs and eBooks into iBooks also.

  7. IMDb Cine and TV Sitting on the sofa is where you might well be using your iPad, and you will always be using this application to see who is the actor in the movie or TV show, and which film it was that you saw them in before.

  8. Dragon Dictation I love this application, you can save so much time by having it turn your speech into text that can be edited. Even in a noisy environment the app will recognise what you are saying. I used it with the headset from my iPhone and also with the microphone built into the iPad. Another application that saves us time with typing and does it with style by being a free application.

  9. Things for iPad This is a ‘Get Things Done’ application and is so much cheaper to buy than Omnifocus. it is still not cheap at €15.99 and I still would say look at other cheaper options or free options to take care of your todo lists. Kind of depends on how much of a busy life you have, as to how much you are willing to spend on this type of application.

  10. FlightControl You have to have at least one game to keep yourself occupied while waiting in a queue at the Post Office and this is a good one. FlightControl and Angry Birds will keep you entertained for hours.

    It is inevitable that you will have a different set of applications that you would suggest as the top ten apps for the iPad. Why not leave a comment and tell us what are the tops ones for you. Even after writing this I have been changing my mind about it. I found a new application called ThinkBook which is a weird mixture of functionality that I first thought was a note taking application but instead can be used for Getting Things Done. This is where you use To Do lists and be incredibly organised. 

    I know that sometimes doing the organising is what some people would label procrastinations, but sometimes it you give yourself a time limit it an be just the right thing to do. With ThinkBook you can set up questions to be answered and you can have check boxes to tick and indicate that you have completed the task.

    I am still working out how to use the Dashboard feature, which works kind of like a form. It takes a copy of other objects in the application and puts them where you can find them and do things with them. 

    This application will make your head spin for the first day or two but I think it will make sense given time.