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Tight writing  woven with real characters and adventure packed situations. Few TV programs feature the style and content of  SOA. Albeit the content, is at times is difficult to watch, the movement of the show keeps viewers tied to the next episode.

Well researched characters, situations, sets and costumes, based on true accounts of MC's add to the realistic  and true feel of the show. Kurt Sutter has done an amazing job of researching Motorcycle Clubs, his long-term goal was to  depict the club and its members as true to life as possible,  without this element, the show would be 'just another outlaw story'. Stand ins, mass scenes and occasional appearances are done by  members of MC's . In an after show interview Mr. Sutter says he wanted to allow people to see hear and feel the heartbeat of an MC.  Mission accomplished


The actors are as amazing, in their characters. Few shows have multidimensional characters that pull on a variety of emotions. The Sons depict an increased look at humanity, the life and death sequences create a bond with the characters, but beyond that they also allow us to relate to the characters at an emotional level, and feel the loss of them,as though we knew them personally.


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 Three :

Emotions. Pure and simple, the show pulls  viewers to witness, partake and feel the love and hate these characters have for each other.  revenge and survival, compassion and friendship are there for viewers to feel weekly. It's not astounding to see couples who love each other, but SOA allows us to see friends who love and care for each other, in Season 3 we see Opie picking up Jax at a moment when he could not stand on his own. Kurt Sutter s "the shoot was one he has always wanted to do,  as the best friends, on many levels, have carried each other for years" (paraphrase from the directors cut ed. of season 3) . The relationship offer viewers a birdseye view of Opie caring for with utter tenderness not in a sexual way just a deep love of friends who carry each other through the tough spots. Much like comrades in wars, the characters lean on each other to survive but implode when it becomes too much.

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Tara and Jax

 Four :

Compassion. The show is about outlaws, trying to defend their livelihood, loves, and families. What allows viewers to relate is the love and connections they share. We all can understand protecting our livelihood (especially in uncertain times) and defending and protecting our families is a natural part of being a parent. The writing allows mainstream society to see beyond the illegal activities and to view humans who are the same as we are. The constant strife of the character's lifestyle increases our awareness of mortality and living in the moment and (hopefully) increasing our compassion and awareness to humanity.


The brotherhood of SAMCRO gives us glimmers of the "psychologically intimate connections" the character share(Maggie Siff interview August 2013 available on utube). Carl Rogers theory of unconditional acceptance, love and belonging are clear in the relationships the crew shares(Psychology Notes, 1999).

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The Sons, their old ladies, and associates live by a code of unconditional acceptance ruled by a code of conduct, when broken the Men of Mayhem vote on the outcome.   The members are safe, as long as the code is maintained, to be themselves. Few people experience the free range of freedom  with total acceptance that the MC offers. When the code of behaviour, is broken the bondwith the club is as well, and in this case, anything that ties the person to the club including tattoos are removed (ouch).


Gemma, I admit to being a Katey Sagal fan long before The Sons, but her  ability to depict a mothers love is unlike anything depicted on TV. Her character and acting take a mother to mew depths that connect women to the primal feeling that never leave us as mothers!  Openly, one must admit her actions sometimes are somewhat self-centered and as the seasons progress we see a more delightfully manipulative side of protecting her family, no matter what the cost. The character of Gemma remains a priceless treasure for anyone who has ever needed their offspring , more than the air they breath.


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The production crew has a keen eye for making all  details work. As with most film  production can make something worth watching or not. What sets the SOA  crews, they do a fabulous job of creating a real MC with the styles, themes, and of course the look in clothes! The  Irish elements, intricately connected to the overall plot lines, are played to perfection. Scottish actor Tommy Flanigan, or Chibs, maintains the realistic element of the Irish. Sex is a natural part of the MC lifestyle, but scenes are not forced, overly explicit  more often than not they are alluded to and not shown. SAMCRO's involvment in porn, which alludes to the theme "sex sells" but the details. Classy for a nitty, gritty biker club.


 Sons of Anarchy allows viewers to see humanity in the worst of people and situations. Quirky and lovable Kin Coates, character, Tyggie offers viewers a chance to love (and embrace) a 'heart of 'with bronze plated exterior.  Tyggie can kill a man (or woman) on an order and not blink an eye and yet weep at the sight of an injured dog. While at times he seems unstable we see that his sexually deviance, deep love of his children, intense loyalty to friends, family and animals make him, a well-rounded functioning despite his dysfunction.  He hails from Saskatoon. Everyday I seen his picture hanging in the hallways at the U of S, where he did his degree, who knew then, his character of an off the wall biker. Nicely done Mr Coates, you make us proud.

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The music is always fitting, usually done by cover songs but the quality and content fit to perfection. From  Bob Dylan's " Hey hey"  to traditional folk songs "House of the Rising Sun" . Covers, range from Katey Sagal's rendition of "Bird on a Wire" to .... and features the amazing songs " Lost Boys" by Greg Holden and This Charming Life by Joan Armatrading.  The sound tracks are definitely worth a listen.



SAMCRO's clubhouse is in a town called Charming. The irony of that can not be lost on viewers or you. Is there anything left to say?

Just that all five seasons are available for purchase on iTunes, it is well worth the investment of money and time.

Charming Life

Greg Holden

Lost Boys featured in Season 5